Is Parise waiting bad for the Penguins?

Zach Parise still hasn't signed with the Penguins. And that's concerning.

Another deal? More money somewhere else? Be a New Jersey Devil for life? Quite possibly, yes.

Crosby and Martin have both talked with Parise leading up the free agency. He's known Shero was going to offer him a reasonable UFA offer with the going market. He's known the chance to play with a friend and superstar for an honest chance at a Stanley Cup year after year was coming. And it's 9:45 p.m. Monday and Zach Parise still hasn't signed.

The argument that he shouldn't be rushed is invalid. He's known these offers would come and big bucks laid across the table. But the "C" weighs heavy.

A captain leaving the team he made the Stanley Cup finals with. That's deep, and you have to think it's swirling around in him.

The longer this goes on, the more I fear he stays in New Jersey. Not his hometown team in Minnesota. Not with crazy Kane in Chicago. Not with whoever is left in Detroit. He is thinking long and hard about leaving the only NHL franchise he's played for, and nearly won a Stanley Cup with this past season.

You know Parise knew these offers, including Shero's, would come in front loaded with big cash. And he needs a second night to weigh his options? His loyalty is bleeding out New Jersey red.

We'll all be glued to our Twitter feeds and mobile devices again tomorrow. Bring a flask to work. Either to celebrate or mourn.


Anonymous said...

I think it makes resigning Sullivan more and more of a possibility.

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