Puck on NHL's rink now in CBA talks

We all expected fireworks when the NHLPA unveiled its own CBA proposal today, but all we got were some sparklers...and that's great.

Rather than Donald Fehr and the boys of winter coming out swinging on many of the key issues on the negotiations table, the NHLPA made significant concessions leaving many hockey fans with hope for hockey in 2012-2013.

Here are some of the key points to take away from the NHLPA's proposal:
  1. They still want a salary cap.
  2. They're willing to take less money.
  3. The money they are not receiving will go to the smaller market teams.
This probably isn't want NHL commissioner Gary Bettman and the owners, at least of the larger market teams, wanted to hear. The NHLPA is positioning itself as Robin Hood. Take from the richer teams and give to the Coyotes. Obviously there are details to the proposal only both parties will know, but this was a softball of a compromise made by the NHLPA. They want hockey. Period.

Now it's up to the owners and Bettman to take the NHLPA's proposal under the microscope. It took a month for the NHLPA to present it's side. Hopefully the owners come back quickly with minimal changes and an agreement can be made.

Bettman & Co., you are now on the clock.


Sean H said...

I just can't imagine this will be a terribly bad negotiation process. It's not like the NFL, where owners and players had a large and growing pie to fight over. The NHL is a stagnant league, with relatively small revenues. The best option for both teams is to come to an agreement that allows the league to run sustainably through the labor deal and beyond. The NHLPA is very conscious of this, as are (obviously) the owners.

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