Is Crosby a Hall of Famer?

A few of years ago I had the chance to chat on the telephone with then ESPN analyst EJ Hradek on several questions concerning our beloved Penguins, to which I provided a transcript of for your reading pleasure.

I asked several questions including his analysis of Matt Cooke being dirty, and how long the Pens three-center model could last. But perhaps the most intruiging question I posed to him was whether Sid (at that time, nearly 3 years ago to the day) was a hall of famer.

His reaction kind of surprised me because I'm a fan boy as much as anyone, but in thinking back, I tend to agree with him. Here's his exact words:

Well, I mean its awfully hard to vote a guy in the Hall of Fame for only playing 4 years. So I would say if he didn’t play another hockey game I would have a hard time voting for him. But certainly Sidney Crosby, I watched him against the Rangers and I’m just more impressed every time I see him.

I would say he more of a complete player for the simple fact that he works just as hard on defense as he does with the puck in the offensive zone. He’s getting better all the time, he’s still a really young guy. You know he wasn’t good at the face off and he practiced and worked on it and he got good at it now. They say he wasn’t scoring enough goals and now he’s on pace for a 50 goal season.

If I was starting a team he’d be the first guy I’d take because I value centers so much more than wingers. If I was paying to see a game I’d probably pay to see Ovechkin but if I was starting a team from scratch I’d take Sidney Crosby first.

Now, those are some good words about the regining Captain of our beloved Penguins. I'm sure if you asked him the question related to the final sentence he might have a different name than Ovechkin.

Nevertheless, we're three years later here and not much has been added to Crosby's resume since then, perhaps except the 25 game point streak he had prior to his concussion. But I'm eager to hear the debate elsewhere and get other opinions on the matter. So here's the questions:
If Crosby didn't play another NHL game, is he a Hall of Famer?


Cody S said...

YES! I feel that he has single-handedly given the game a face again. If you looked at the game in the 2003-2004 season it was a completely different game. There was less competition and the players that have come up in the past 5 years are some of the most talented. I feel that what he has accomplished so far is great, scoring title, MVP, Stanley cup. You cannot compete with that. I would vote him.

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