Welcome to the East, Detroit.

As the 2013-14 NHL season approaches there is a lot of speculation about who might capture the Stanley Cup this year. While we haven't seen as many changes this off-season as we have in previous years, what we did see is a major shift in the divisional structure. The NHL has moved from six divisions to four. While only three teams have made the shift between conferences, the biggest impact has to be Detroit coming East. Winnipeg is heading west (rightly so) and the other shift is Columbus coming East too.

Detroit is going to pose a much more difficult time for the teams in their new division. Teams such as Boston, Buffalo, and Montreal are all now forced not only to face the Wings 6 times a season, but now rival them for a playoff spot for the foreseeable future. The breakdown of the new divisions can be found here, which also includes the new playoff structure as well.

Our last post indicated some of best odds with the Penguins being the favorites. Other sites offer odds in a game by game format. Below is a link to Sports Illustrated's most recent article on the Vegas odds with Chicago on top. Chicago seems to be the top team seeing as they've not only won two Cups in four seasons, but they have remained to keep their core in tact as well. Our beloved Penguins appear to be favorites as well. Let's be honest, as long as Crosby and Malkin remain on the team together, they'll always be a favorite.

Here are the top 5 in the latest odds on the winner of the 2014 Stanley Cup (via Sports Illustrated):

Chicago Blackhawks: 6-1
Pittsburgh Penguins: 13-2
Boston Bruins: 10-1
Los Angeles Kings: 12-1
St. Louis Blues: 12-1
Detroit Red Wings: 16-1


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Please re-read your "While only three teams" sentence. :)

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