The Playoffs: Looking forward

The Penguins have clinched the playoffs for the 7th straight year including 2 trips to the Stanley Cup finals and 1 Cup to brag about. Last year seemed like it was quite the possibility they were going to make another, but they ended up embarrassed with a 4-0 sweep by the Boston Bruins. So what can we expect from this years playoffs?

If I were a betting man (I might find myself at best sportsbooks, but) I would probably not put my money on another trip to the Stanley Cup finals. Why you might ask? Last year the Penguins went a perfect 15-0 in March, losing the first two games in April, but hammered out another 7 straight wins before dropping another 2. That's the way you want to head into the playoffs, on a high note.

This year our beloved Pens recorded a subpar 8-8 record in March. They've split the first two games thus far in April and have a challenging remaining 5 games to round out the season.

These games will likely tell a lot about how the Pens will perform in the post season, particularly the Philadelphia game. But the up and down, lack of consistency they had in the beginning of the season makes one worry about what to expect once that puck drops in the playoffs. Sure they've been riddled with injuries. Sure Geno isn't playing at the moment due to an injury (among other players). But what confidence do us fans really have with what we're seeing at the moment? Nothing less than a Cup will satiate us as a successful season.

Time will tell...


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