NHL Players’ Peculiar Hobbies

Thrashing it up on the ice, being tripped over, throwing off the gloves and having at it! To any unsuspecting fan or viewer, this is perhaps the image one will create in their mind when they think of ice hockey players; big guys going for gusto, testosterone surging. This isn't really the case however. Hockey takes a huge amount of skill and lightning fast reflexes- far more than an exercise in slogging the puck- and when one sheds the stereotypes, players really are quite a varied bunch. Naturally there are certain players who take ‘varied’ to the next level, pursuing some truly surprising hobbies in their spare time!

Tony Lydman, Thrasher

The retired player, a veteran of teams such as the Calgary Flames, Buffalo Sabres and the Anahaeim Ducks, plays in a band in his spare time, one that him and his friends started many years ago. The band, Mononen, is quite unlike what one might expect from an NHL player (or is it…), though really explains in part the drive behind Lydman’s game!

Brent Burns, Zookeeper

This Canadian defenceman who plays for the San Jose Sharks is no stranger to being in dangerous situations, but the creatures that Burns keeps at home would make even the hardiest goalkeeper quiver at the knees. Pythons, parrots and all manner of other reptilian creatures frequent the player’s home, earning it the nickname “Burns Zoo”!

Steven Stamkos, Batter

24 year old Stamkos has made quite the mark since being drafted by Tampa Bay Lightning, but in another universe the player could have been a pro of an altogether more laid back sport- baseball. The player played at the provincial level prior to being drafted into the OHL, but still finds time to play for a local Markham beer-league in the summer!

Thomas Vanek, Illegal Gambling

Now we’re aware that this isn’t so much of a hobby as a controversy, but hey, gambling is a hobby nonetheless! It was reported recently that the NHL star’s name had surfaced in relation to a money laundering and illegal gambling ring in Western New York. If you enjoy gambling so much, Thomas, satisfy your craving online at www.jackpotcitycasino.com! It’s inexpensive, fun, and signing up won’t result in a knock on the door by federal authorities.

Jonas Hiller, Petrolhead

Ducks player Hiller is well known for checking his mask or tightening his skates, but not so well known is his love for checking oil gauges and tightening the brakes. Hiller has a very large collection of cars back home in Switzerland, including a 1967 Camero, 1965 Volkswagen Bus and a 2004…SEAT. Fair enough!


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