We have the Cup...now what?

It's been over two months since the Pens have captured the coveted Stanley Cup, and we're all
savoring it. Heck we've had to wait 7 years for even another shot at the Cup. Following the 2009 season the Penguins were the favorites for a repeat. Not only that, but for subsequent years they were considered at least a contender; maybe with the exception when our Ferrari was in the shop. If you don't get that reference, I don't know, try google.

Nevertheless, it's been a blast. I know I ordered at least $150 work of paraphernalia immediately. Following that I spent time rubbing it in to my hockey friends and family. It's just what you do when your team wins. Like if you're a couple, you fight over directions.  It's just what you do. I also spent time on twitter jobbing some people, I mean you have to, it's part of the fun. Maybe my favorite thing is following the players and seeing what they're doing with their day with the Cup. Everyone is different, and usually they share it with members from their humble beginnings.

Not that it's over by any means, but the question is what's the verdict for moving forward? Typically when a team wins the Cup you find many players get that pinnacle-peak feeling of achieving the ultimate reward and then jumping ship for another shot elsewhere with a bigger contract. Year after year you see that in just about every sport. But what about the Penguins?

Well, thus far the following major transactions have been made:

1) Lost Ben Lovejoy to the Devils
2) Lost Jeff Zatkoff to the Kings
3) Re-signed Justin Shultz
4) Re-signed Matt Cullen

And that about does it. That's right, for the moment the Pens haven't really lost anyone except for Ben Lovejoy. The loss of Jeff Zatkoff will obviously be minimal considering the 1-2 punch of Murray and Fleury. And with Trevor Daly returning from injury, that bolsters back the top 4 on the blueline. So yeah, not much has changed with our Penguins this offseason. To answer the question of "now what?" I think we can safely say that barring any unfortunate health issues our Penguins will be back in the mix next season once again! Heck I may have to even make a wager over at best sportsbook as well, too.


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