Game 2 - Let It Burn!

7:00pm, Versus, Game 2, Attack of the Penguins, LET IT BURN!

Tonight’s game is pivotal. The possibility of going up 2-0 takes our chances from winning the series up exponentially. Not that I have any doubts we won’t win, but history shows that when a team is up 2-0 the probability of the other team winning the series is quite low; not to mention we keep home ice advantage. Wednesday night’s game sent a message not only to Philly but to the NHL. The Pens are back and their better than last year. With Bylsma at the helm and a new style of play utilizing our strengths, there’s no limit to our potential. Lord Stanley, Lord Stanley, Bring me the Brandy.

So what are we to look out for? What’s it going to take for us to win tonight? Well, Staal was a beast last game. I’m thinking if he can keep up his play there isn’t a 3rd line in the NHL that can match up. [insert tangent here] And to think I was pushing for this kid to be traded in December. He’s not only proved me wrong but has made me a believer. I’m jumping on the Jordan Staal bandwagon, who’s comin’ with me?

Moving on…

Keys to winning:

According to Captain Sid it’s gaining the advantages and capitalizing on chances.

We're going to play the way we know how…hopefully, we're skating and they have to chase us. Hopefully, the result of our game is at least getting scoring chances and then some will go in. (Offish Pens)
He’s so modest aint‘e?

According to General Bylsma it’s controlling the emotions and keeping the intensity.
We talked about the higher intensity level the playoffs bring. You have to walk the line. ... It's been a part of every playoff series, it will be a part of every playoff series, and Game 1; we did a decent job of controlling our emotions. But it always is going to be there again game after game after game after game. (Offish Pens)
Now the Flyers are treating this as a must win. They will inevitably come out the gates with a different attitude. Going down 2-0 will unavoidably crush their hopes and spirits.

From writer Rick Moldovanyi of Penguins Experience.
The Philadelphia Flyers will no doubt enter game two with a different attitude. They will have to play differently and they likely will. Coach John Stevens was clearly unhappy with the number of unnecessary penalties the Flyers players took in game one. While the Penguins were not able to capitalize on many of their power play opportunities, having to play a large portion of the game shorthanded clearly tired the Flyers out. (Hockey Writers)
Broad Street Hockey has this to say,
Well, at least they're talking like it. If they put show up to Mellon Arena tonight and put their money where their mouths are -- if they come out with intensity, if they cut back on the penalties, if they play Flyer hockey -- this is a series again. In fact, if they win tonight they eliminate the home ice edge the Pens currently hold and the face of this series is completely changed as we head home to Philadelphia on Sunday. (Broad Street Hockey)
I’m predicating the Pens will in fact come out with the same intensity. A team is only as confident as their coach. And Bylsma has his head on straight. Despite the modesty of Crosby in his interviews he too has confidence in his game and his team.

Prediction: 5-2 Pens.


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