I Guerin-tee It!

Let me first start off with giving credit to the title of this post and this pic of President Guerin. Twitterian @ZPAwoman coined this phrase earlier tonight and I couldn't help but publicize it.

Now let me get to the game. What a battle. The Pens started off where they left off from game one. High intensity and solid execution, but then then truth set in. Quickly the Flyers gained control and kept their composure getting the first goal from Scott Hartnell and taking the 1-0 lead into the second. I must admit, Baron was big. While I'd like to criticize the Pens for some missed opportunities, I must give credit where credit is due.

Despite Biron's efforts the Pens were able to squeeze a goal in from Guerin, ass-ed by Crosby and Malkin; and coming late in the 2nd this goal was pivotal. Why? Because the Pens risked going 2 periods without a goal delaying and decreasing their confidence even more.

Fleury was HUGE! His stop on Carter with 8:38 to go in the third was the save of the night if not the entire Playoffs...but there is still time, so I digress. Another key stop came with 47 second to go in the first to keep the game 1-0.

Though as quickly as the goal brought back the confidence in Mellon arena, Philly scores again wtih a Darrol Powe goal at 2:09 into the 3rd. After a series of toggles, jobs, and jerks back and forth, Jordan Staal comes up big. He draws a pentaly from Jeff Carter leading to a Evgeni Malkin "knee" goal which tied the game up. This lead to overtime.

In OT we saw some serious playoff hockey. Opportunity after opportunity. Save after save. One great play after another. But then doom shattered the hopes of the Penguins players and fans. Just as the clock starts winding down U.S.S Gill gets called for a cross check on little Danny Brier. But after about a minute or so passes by and a little extra intensity from everyone, Mike Knuble gets a penalty followed quickly by a Claude Giroux penalty. What a turn of events. Pens were on the penalty kill and a little over a minute passes and into a 5 on 3. Well, it didn't take long. The photo shop and title tell us what happened. Geurin scores his second goal in OT giving the Pens a 2-0 lead in the series. Let it burn.

Impact Players:

Because he had two goals Bill Guerin was cleary the impact player of the game. But a close second was Marc Andre Fleury. He had some of the most important stops in this run to the Cup. Other notable mentions were Max Talbot, Pascal Dupuis, Matt Cooke, and Tyler Kennedy. Yes, they're not on the scoring sheet but their intensity and aggressiveness kept this game close. Had they not played with as much heart as they did this game could have quickly gotten out of control. Bravo fellas.

Captin Sid had an assist and a some worthy plays which always turns our heads. Malkin also had a great assist on the 2nd period Guerin goal, ending up with a goal and 2 asses. And Staal picked up his game toward the end.

I predicted 5-2, we ended 3-2. But more importantly my prediction doesn't matter. The Pens are up 2-0 heading to Philly on Sunday. We steal this game and the series is in the bag.

May the Pens be with you!


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