My Rinkotology Bracket

Clearly I can pick the Eastern Conference, but hell if I can get the West right, eh? I'm guessing almost everyone got the Sharks/Ducks wrong outside of Ducks fans. Only reason I picked the Sharks over the Wings was, well, I guess, wishful thinking. And I really thought Calgary was gonna pull it off. We shall see how right I'll be in the coming days.

How's yours coming along?

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Trevor said...

Sharks got me too. I have Detroit and Boston, probably the safest picks.

Brendon said...

Sharks screwed me, too. But not as bad as you got it.

My BracketLove the site, by the way.

Damian Romano said...

HOG, Damn Sharks.

Canes over the Bruins? Might just be. I hope we see them in the conference finals, that means I'll get to go to a game (living in Raleigh, NC).

Glad you like the site.

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