I went to Pittsburgh and all I got was this lousy T-shirt.

Not true.

I had a great time with some great Pens fans...and I love the shirt!


@ozzy (lone Devils fan)

The trip was actually quite short. After landing in Pitt I spent about 2 hrs in the Courtyard until Ryan (@kicksavetwenty) picked me up and we headed over to the TGIFriday's in Robinson, PA.

From there I drank some beer, ate some wings, fellowshiped with quality Pens fans, and watched the place ERUPT after Malkin scored the game winner in OT. It was great not being the minority in Raleigh for once. Oh, and I won a cool VS mini helmet, some nerf-type pucks for the kiddies, and a hat. @superfro432 has a few pics I'll post once he gets them to me. I really didn't snap everything as some might have expected (even demanded). Sorry peeps.

I can't wait to go back next year and spend some time in the final year of Mellon Arena.

I once again want to thank the 22 people who sponsored me for the NHLTweetup. I'll be having the drawing for the Pens T-shirt next Monday...cross your fingers.

And if you'd like to know where I got this sweet shirt, its courtesy of the guys at Hockey T Shirt. Visit them, buy their shirts...good peoples.


Ozzy said...

There it happens again. Hang out with some Pens fans for a couple of games, and all of a sudden, I'm one of them? GO DEVILS! (Well, next year...)

Hey, and don't forget @erincosborne and @DuchessofHockey....

Great to meet you, man. Stay in touch!

Damian Romano said...

Ha! Funny stuff Oz. I'll update it.

Thanks for the updates on the girls, I couldn't remember. Putting them up now.

Yeah man, good to meet you too. Take care of those kids.

Sarah said...

I actually laughed out loud when I read your shirt. Good stuff!

William Eller said...

sorry i couldn't get out to meet you though i did get to write a good article for the site. Time to end the series tonight!!!

Go Pens!!!

Tom P said...

Great shirt!

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