It's Official Folks, I'm Going to Pittsburgh!


I'm headed to Pittsburgh next Saturday May 10th 9th (thanks Aliza) for the NHL Tweet up! Thanks to the graciousness of these 21 people below, I was able to raise $150 for a round trip flight from Raleigh to Pittsburgh.

What started off as kind of a joke came to fruition as early as yesterday. Through a little promoting on Twitter and with thanks to ThePensBlog boys it all came together. Now I get to spend a great game 5 in Pittsburgh with the top Penguin fans on Twitter. I'll be having the drawing for the t-shirt on March 11th.

Special thanks to Ryan Lenocker for coaxing me into even thinking about it.

Otherwise all the credit goes to these people. Thanks again everyone!

1. Ryan Lenocker
2. Aliza Balcer
3. Jason Romano
4. Tyler McKinna
5. Cara Friez
6. Jennifer Hardina
7. Brian Mills
8. Mario Lacaffinie
9. Matthew Archibald
10. Beej Doran
11. Robert Kleamovich
12. Jonathan Wrhen
13. Sean Pawlowski
14. Amanda Mundy
15. Amanda Fortier
16. Neena Kumar
17. Sara Vital
18. Robin Murena
19. Sarah Connors
20. Linda Peacock
21. Scott Townsend
22. Jeff Cariani


Trevor said...

Have fun man. I hear those tweet ups give away nice things.

Damian Romano said...

Thanks Trevor. We'll see if I can handle the Steel City for a night.

Aliza said...

Your post says Saturday May 10, Saturday is the 9th buddy. Just don't want you to miss the big show. LOL

Damian Romano said...

Damn, I gotta start using a calendar. Good catch Aliza.

Aliza said...

No problem. Wish it was the 10th then I could make it. Wonder if the Steel City will be able to handle you? Have fun.

Black n Gold said...

Congrats man, hopefully they'll be playing for the series win in 5! Lets Go Pens!

Damian Romano said...

Thanks IBBG, that would be a nice little Pittsburgh present.

Penguins Experience said...

I hope there's a game five for you to go to!
Have a good trip man.

Damian Romano said...

You ain't kidding Rick. Just need to pull out tomorrows game and I'm there.

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