Pens @ Caps - Game 2 - Beware...

The Penguins roll into game two down 1-0 in the series. There’s really no cause for concern at this point, the home team should win the first game. And from what I read elsewhere the Penguins aren’t very concerned at this point either.

Jordan Staal mentioned...

"I don't notice anything different. None of the guys are pressing or getting nervous or anything like that. It's a long series."

Matter of fact, they’re rather upbeat.

Despite the disappointment that comes with the loss, the players said they felt pretty good about themselves. That was evident in practice, as players were laughing and joking, especially during the end-of-practice shootout contest, which on Sunday featured Evgeni Malkin shooting pucks at players as they skated past him, and Matt Cooke lying down and trying to trip guys as they went by. [Pens Offish]

Reading captions like this ensure me that game 2 will be different. Had Valarmov not made that stop the Pens would have went up 3-2 and possible dumped the crowd and Caps down enough to pull the game off. But never fear, the two-headed monster is here.

Despite the consensus of many I don’t think Geno played all that bad in game 1. Just because he didn’t have the “chances” he usually does nor did he get on the stat sheet doesn’t mean he had a bad game. Though Malkin himself had this to say, "I just need more shots and must play aggressively." Sure he didn’t have the game Sid did, but lets not let that overshadow his contribution. Expect Geno to be all over the score sheet tonight.

And Crosby had this to say,

"He's a great player and he's consistent. It’s always easy to point fingers and talk about guys when you lose but the fact is it comes down to a couple of plays."

Sid exactly right. No one would be jobbing Geno had the Pens won.

I still feel the Pens will win the series six.

Enough of me for now, lets get on to the rally song.


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