Which One's Your Favorite?

Vote on the right side.

Or you tell me what was your favorite Pens Playoff moment?

Malkin's Backhander?

Crosby's Hat Trick?

Talbot's two goals in Game 7?

Scuderi's Goalie Efforts?

Talbot's Shhhing Philly?

Guerin's OT goal vs Philly?

Fleury's save on Ovie?


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The Piece

Todd Wyant said...

You might be forgetting Fleury's last save of Game 7....which would be my vote

Damian Romano said...

Todd, there's no question on that. Unreal that something like that would slip my mind. Shame on me.

I'll say 4 Hail Malkin's and 5 Our Fleury's for due penance.

Toad268 said...

I am with Todd on this one, he doesn't make that...OT!

If you go about not even looking at the numbers, usually you would say no, just like in the Steelers case in the last post. However unlikely in that aspect, it is likely when you actually look at things. I have been looking at the free agents and bouncing them off of playing time, roles on the team, and points in the regular season. I also looked at how they contributed in the post season. Out of all these things comes the salary cap as well. I feel bad for Ray Shero. I will break it down for you and try to sound smart in the process, yeah, like that can happen!

Read more » http://www.everythingpittsburgh.net/blogs/EP.php/2009/06/17/can-we-defend-our-title#more204

pensgurl872971 said...

flower robs! ovechkin, superstar shhhing philly, geno backhander

Unknown said...

Definitely my favorite!

Laura B said...

How can you choose?!! I LOVE Talbot shhhhhhhing everyone! I love the save Fleury made on Ovie...and the Hat Trick game for Crosby and Ovie...how could one not love that...I love the Talbot goals in game 7...especially his reaction after the second one...and Fleury's final save (the one you forgot) was AWESOME!!! So my answer is ALL OF THE ABOVE!

Todd Wyant said...

Easily forgivable....I had to point details to others in the past regarding who the best coach was in Pens history, I had to remind a few people that Bob Johnson was a glaring omission from the list. I mean I credit Badger for 2 Cups. Bowman was merely a stand in, no offense to Scotty.

This team has provided so many awesome moments and acts of determination, I couldn't pick just one. If I had to though, its always going to be the ones that involve a Cup being held up over a Pens uni.

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