Malkin Versus Jagr - Part 2

Last week I posted an article [found here] where I along with the help of the top of Penguins blogs started to compare Evgeni Malkin and Jaromir Jagr; while Jagr clearly won the argument on the better goal, Malkin held his own when talking about who is the fan favorite. Your opinion in the polls shows this as well.

With only three questions remaining, will one of them continue to sweep the categories or will our panel finally differ on their opinions?

I welcome back our panel!


3.) More popular Jagr's hair or Geno's parents?

It is hard to argue the "power of the mullet," but a family bond is nearly impossible to break. How does our panel see this one?

Yahoo's Puck Daddy's - Sean Leahy - Jagr
"Jagr's hair is the stuff dreams are made of. There hasn't been a better mullet in the NHL, Period."

Empty Netters - Malkin
"I'm not sure Jagr's hair was ever acceptable in the any way. Lets go with Malkin's folks."

Faceoff Factor - Tie
"Apples to oranges. They both are/were great.

PensExperience - Tie
"Jagr's mullet was awesome, but Geno's parents are practically heroes though and definite fan favourites."

PensUniverse - Jagr
"Jagr's hair has the edge. It's a trademark that is next to impossible to top. But the 'Natalia Malkin Borscht' is gaining unprecedented notoriety."

I love seeing Malkin's parents in the stands, showing the love that only a parent can show. But nothing defined a Penguins player in the early 90's then the mullet. Mario and Jagr both had these pelts of courage, and I just wish Sid and Malkin would grow them.

4.) Which of the two is a better team leader?

Yahoo's Puck Daddy - Malkin

"The Penguins now seem to feed more off Malkin's ability than they did when Jagr was around."

Empty Netters - Malkin
"Jagr was very much a supporting role player at that point."

Faceoff Factor - Malkin
"Jagr was known as a coach killer, frequently degraded teammates. As for Malkin, he may wear the "A" on his jersey, but, aside from the example he leads by on the ice."

Pens Experience - Jagr

"Geno is still young and may get there some day, but right now Jagr wins. Jagr won more games by sheer determination then Malkin has so far."

Pens Universe - Malkin

"Malkin did a superb job at being a leader with Sid out last year, and at times this year outplayed Crosby and carried the team. I'll take Malkin at 22 over Jagr at 22."

When Jagr had the chance to become the Penguins team leader, it was too late and his surrounding cast no one could have led. Malkin had this chance early in his career and took full advantage of it leading the team to the playoffs and beyond.

5.) Which of the two is more capable of dominating a game?

Yahoo's Puck Daddy - Malkin

"The Penguins now seem to feed more off Malkin's ability than they did when Jagr was around."

Empty Netters - Malkin

"Again, Jagr was very much a supporting role player at that point."

Faceoff Factor - Tie

"Malkin of now to Jagr of then, you would see that both are/were capable of taking over a game with the snap of a finger."

PensExperience - Jagr

"Malkin has the skill and the drive to be one of the greatest players in NHL history, but Jagr was absolutely awesome when he wanted to be. The problem was that he didn't always want to be."

PensUniverse - Jagr

"This one is so difficult to measure. I think we've seen so many examples of them both dominating. I think I'm going to say Jagr. Though when he wants to (or when his parents are in town) Geno can win a game on his own too. And his talent is yet to peak so I think Geno has the ability to win this category eventually."

In my opinion, Damian sums up this category perfectly "Jagr wins this category....barely." When you compare the two at equal time of their careers Jagr wins, but Malkin definitely has so much upside.

The discussion of Malkin and Jagr will go on about as much as comparing Crosby to Lemieux. When Jags' and Geno came into the league we knew nothing about them, and now we feel a part of their lives. Watching Jagr's glorious pelt flowing in the wind as he skated was truly awesome. However seeing Malkin skate down the ice, score a goal, and fly into the glass is amazing. Likewise enjoying Geno's parents celebrate with the other 17,130 of his family.

Now its your turn, voice your opinion by voting in our polls and commenting on this post. How does your thoughts compare to your favorite Penguin and NHL blogs, and have you learned something from a new Penguin blog. Either way keep enjoying the Pens and the superstars we have come to love.


Anonymous said...

Malkin is comparable to Jagr, but Crosby compared with Lemieux? Really? It's still a debate whether Crosby is better than Malkin...

gilette212 said...

PensExperience is spot on... Jagr was amazing when he wanted to be, but he didn't always want to be. Seeing him in the playoffs last year against the Pens showed me that he STILL had it in him when he wanted... but it was so very rare at that point.

And I love Malkin's parents, but Jagr's mullet lives on and I don't know if in 15 years we'll be talking about Geno's mom and dad.

Anonymous said...

good post

Anonymous said...

Jagr took over games and led the team for years. I kind of feel like he was clearly the best player in the game for a while, a place that Malkin has not been able to attain as of yet. It's possible Geno grows into it (and I would love that!), but as of now I think Jagr was better...

Anonymous said...

Just out of curiosity, how many of the panelists were older than 12 in the early 90s?

Jag's hair has it over Geno's parents, and they can both dominate like no other. Jagr is/was Crosby-esque down low with the puck in his prime.

It should be noted also that Jagr was winger to Geno's center and their responsibilities are different. That said 3 years in Geno is probably ahead of where Jagr was, but overall Jagr was a great leader for the Pens when Mario sat out the 94 season and after he retired in 97 (Hart winner in 98).

Damian Romano said...

I can't speak for the other guys on the panel, but in speaking on behalf of Pens Universe, I was in fact 13 in 1990. And to get personal, Jagr was the reason I started to follow hockey in general, and the Pens in particular. Obviously Mario's influence was pretty heavy too.

Anonymous said...

Empty Netters put it best..

"Again, Jagr was very much a supporting role player at that point."

Anonymous said...

Obviously, the mullet was unbelievable, but all Pens fans have a special soft spot for Geno's parents. In many ways, Mama and Papa Malkin serve as the symbolic parents of the entire Penguins nation, just as Mario is its savior. The mullet was cool, but this is powerful allegory. The Malkins are perfectly adorable, amazingly friendly, and gave us Geno in the first place, and helped him become the phenom he is today. Would we be walking around wearing Stanley Cup Champions gear without him - and his parents? And don't forget; the presence of Geno's parents in the stands has always elevated his game, not to mention Mrs. Malkina's legendary borst. No doubt about it; Vlad and Natalia played a huge role in the Stanley Cup Championship.

Anonymous said...

The most important question: who's the bigger jagoff? Jagr wins hands down - there have been few people in this town who was a bigger jerk than JJ. Complete idiot in every sense of the word. MVP started to show a fun personality this year - time will tell as he begins to acclimate, but I'm optimistic. Advantage: Jag(r)off.

Will Eller said...

to the last anonymous...

Yes Jagr was a jagoff when he left this city, but you have to give him his credit for how he played while he was a pittsburgh penguin. Myself i argue he should have his number retired along side Mario.

Anonymous said...

Jagr didn't really leave on his terms as I recall. Both are fun to watch. Jagr definitely had a personality besides the mullet(which is unforgetable). Malkin is a little low on personality, doesn't make up with his looks either.
Supporting player? Not sure where you get that! When Jagr wanted a goal he got one.

Anonymous said...

Jagr was one of the best ever to play this game. He learned from Mario, and took over after Mario retired. Jagr was the Ross (should have won the Hart as well) when Mario sat out a full season and would win the Hart in 1998. Jagr would also go on to win 4 more Ross trophies. He was amazing to watch and one of the deadliest 1 on 1 players. If the NHL had the "new rules" (post lockout 2005) during Jagr's prime, he would have been unstoppable. Jagr's number will be retired in Pittsburgh and will be remembered as one of the most exciting players ever.

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