The Glitch

So after continuously playing the NHL10 demo over and over and still getting excited when the Pens win The Cup in Detroit, I noticed this glitch.


[update: had to put this in the banner]


Anonymous said...

There's always a few inaccuracies. lol!

Anonymous said...

That's pretty funny...Lidstrom doesn't skate off like a little baby. And where's Draper to whine about it??

Cory McIntyre said...

I laughed when I saw this too. I noticed it the first time and was like, yeah, that didn't happen.

Anonymous said...

I love how in that pic Lidstrom can't even look Sid in the face. HA HA HA. Retire old man!

Damian Romano said...

Yeah, I simply had to post it. I should photoshop Draper in the background pouting for a handshake.

Anonymous said...


This "should" settle the issue for good.

JayNos83 said...

Really I doubt EA Sports did this on purpose. They probably just show each of the teams captains shake hands after winning the cup. It is amusing though. Nice banner.

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