Monopoly: It ain't just a board game...

So here we are in the off-season and everyone's jonesin' for some hockey [I know I am!]. We're all counting down the days till the pre-season, even though we all simply long for the regular season to get underway. But whatever, the boys are on the ice.

Living in Raleigh I always scope out the games when my Pens are coming into town so I can score the best possible tickets within a reasonable price range. And while messin' around the web for this and that I came across this cartoon which made me both laugh and cry (not literally).

With only one place to buy your tickets to games, concerts, etc, what prevents them from charging whatever they please?

Guess there isn't anything as the cartoonist rightly points out.


Mother Pucker said...

Yeah I hear ya. Just bought a ticket to the Team Canada red vs. white game for tomorrow in Calgary... $35 ticket, with $10.20 in charges. 30%!!!

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