Flower Power: This Ain't No Glitch

I'm absolutely sure every Pens fan noticed this, but I keep forgetting to take a picture when necessary (I get too excited to win game 7 and watch the Pens win the Cup).

Have a look at team goalie rating for the Pens.

I said in a previous post I was interested in seeing what the EA Sports developers in NHL10 would rate Flower this year as I believe he was rated an 86 in NHL09 (citation needed).

Well, not that I know exactly what they have Fleury rated this year, but I'm pretty sure Brent Johnson isn't contributing to this team rating of [90].


Jed said...

Fleury's finally getting some respect...though it is just a video game rating, I doubt the real critics agree with this.

Think he can be an All-Star this year?

Damian Romano said...

Hey Jed, yeah, it is only a video game but I'm pretty sure these ratings are based on some reliable criteria.

Do I think Fleury can be an all star this year?...I think he could be, but the problem is how jaded the voting is. There are many deserving NHL players but tons of players get shafted each year.

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