Mellon Memories: Pens 6 - Flyers 0

Everyone remembers their first time...I am a Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania native and very happy that the baby pens have found a home there. My first trip to the igloo happened just two years ago during the 2007-2008 playoffs. I was lucky enough to secure three tickets with the help of some friends for Game 5 against Philadelphia. The atmosphere was absolutely amazing! There were homemade Stanley Cups everywhere, as well as big inflatable ones being tossed around like beach balls. The tron was set up outside and fans were carrying couches and love seats in hopes of finding a spot. I finally got to my seat...C29, row G, seat 9...and just took it all in! Having been to the Super Bowl prior to this game, I was really in the mood for an ass kicking. That is just what I got! 6 great goals! It was one of those games where you could relax and really enjoy the moment. An unreal experience!

-Mark Steele

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