Pens Universe Interviews FSN's Dan Potash

By Nicole Tracey

Recently I had a chance to speak with Dan Potash of FSN Pittsburgh. Dan shares with us stories about the Pens and his own personal experiences. Hope you guys enjoy this.

PU: Which player do you enjoy interviewing the best and why?

DP:  There have been a few over the last couple of seasons. Ryan Malone, Georges Laraque, Jarrko Ruutu that rank at the top….but I would have to say Max Talbot (shocking I know) is # 1. All of the Pens are great…but Max always likes to have fun…you never know what you are going to get, but you know it will always be something good!

PU: How do you keep your composure during your on ice pre-game interviews when you see on coming antics? ..i.e Matt Cooke repeatedly running into Kunitz a few games ago

DP: I think you are referring to my bench interview….yes, that was funny. You just keep your “game face” on. It’s live TV, and since you can’t “go back”….you move forward as best you can.

PU: Besides the Pens winning the cup, what was your favorite part of the playoff run?

DP: I would say beating the Flyers in Philadelphia was pretty sweet, that along with Max “shushing” the crowd. The whole package was great…I’ve been lucky enough to cover so many cool events during the 14 years of my career, but the “cup run” tops them all. It was awesome!

PU: Do you as a reporter have any "pre-game" superstitions?

DP: Yes and no. I go through the same routine on game day, and while it’s not always in the same order, I always do the same things. However, I do not eat dinner on game night….EVER! I do wear certain suits and ties that have brought me luck in the past if the Pens (or Pirates) need a win…and it has worked, so that will continue.

PU: What, in your opinion, is the best part or thing about Pittsburgh?

DP: When it comes to sports towns….it does not get much better than Pittsburgh. Other people in the business always say that Pittsburgh it a “dream job” for sportscasters, and that is so true. I moved here in 2000…and it did not take me long to understand that. You can talk sports here 24/7….and if you like football…this is heaven! Short story…I was 9 years-old when the Steelers played the Rams in the 1980 Super Bowl. I couldn’t understand why over half the people at the Rose Bowl were waving Terrible Towels and pulling for the Steelers for a game that was basically being played in the Rams backyard! My dad looked at me and said…”Someday when you are old enough you’ll understand what the Pittsburgh Steelers are all about.” Enough said.

PU: Was it a tough transition coming from WCIV-TV in Charleston to FSN in Pittsburgh?

DP: No, it was easy. My first job after I left LA was in Clarksburg, West Virginia….which is about two hours from here. We would also cover the Pirates, Penguins and Steelers….so I knew what to expect.

PU: In your opinion, which player has the best/outgoing personality on the ice and/or locker room?

DP: Talbot, Crosby, Cooke, Fleury and Dupuis always seem to have the same personality both on and off the ice. But honestly, they are all great! 

 -These last few are just for kicks :) -

PU: Do you still keep in touch with Georges Laraque after the famous interview kiss?

DP: Georges and I always talk when the Pens play the Habs….he still smiles and likes to mess with me. Something’s will never change.

PU: If you could drop the gloves with any player on the team, who would it be and why?

DP: No comment (Can’t bite the hand that feeds me…if you know what I mean.)

PU: What is your all time favorite Mike Lange saying?

DP: As for Lange, it’s hard to pick one, but I would have to say…”Ladies and gentleman, Elvis has just left the building.”

PU: Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule!! Our readers are going to love this!

DP: You are so welcome! Thanks again for thinking of me (very flattering.) Take care!

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