Mellon Memories: We Appreciate Your Stories

We are only nine games into the swan song for the Mellon Arena and what a start to the season! And in those three weeks, the stories we have received about your memories of the arena have been extraordinary. We here at Pens Universe would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has submitted their favorite memories of Mellon Arena. We have certainly enjoyed sharing them with Penguins fans everywhere.

If you missed any of the memories sent to us by fellow fans, as Mike Lange would say, shame on you for six weeks. Please take a few moments to read these magnificent stories by Penguins fans just like you.

-Mellon Memories: Stories from the Fans-
-Mellon Memories: A Father's Influence-
-Mellon Memories: Feel's Like The First Time...
-Mellon Memories: Victory Over Flyers Induces Labor...
-Mellon Memories: Pens 6 - Flyers 0.

And if you like these, please send your best memories of the arena to mellon.memories@pensuniverse.com and we will share your story with the rest of the Pens Universe.

One again, thank you to all who have already sent in their stories, we truly appreciate you sharing with us. And keep those stories coming. There are decades worth of memories out there and we want to hear all of them.

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