Pens Win: Sens Wear Depends...

No pregame or photoshops today. Lazy Columbus Day's off and a dead computer will do that.

We wintessed another quality game from the Pens tonight. Depsite being outshot 31 to 28 the Penguins must have taken some Chasers because there are no signs of a Cup hangover here. Though Geno and Sid didn't get on the scoresheet, the Pens showed they're more of a complete team with balanced scoring. Truthfully I'll gladly sacrafice an Art Ross or Hart Trophy for another Cup. It's all yours Ovie, you can have it.

Three words: Sesame Street Line.

So I missed the first 8 minutes of the period thanks to the use of a new (old) computer. Thanks to Jared from SLBD, the game was basically full of sloppy neutral zone play. There were a few good chances on each end, shots were even at 9 a piece.

The first goal of the game to me was actually shocking. Not because Michalek scored (sorta), but that it happened. A failed attempt from Malkin to get the puck out of the Pens zone led to a turnover into Spezza's hands who gave it to Cheechoo, then Michalek scored. [1-0] Why is that weird you ask? Because earlier today I played a pregame NHL10 run between these teams and that is EXACTLY how the first goal was scored. Swear I thought I was gonna passout.  That of course was until I saw the amazing superman effort from Billy G. [1-1]

If my other computer worked I'd of had a field day with this in photoshop.

The Pens started off the period with a fresh powerplay. However the Sens did an excellent job at killing the penalty and kept the Pens and the puck out of their own zone. That began a slight momentum shift in favor of the Sens. Shortly after Flower bails out Gonchar as he turned the puck over in their own zone.

MAF gets 7 years for robbing Ruutu. 

At the 6:16 mark the Pens got a bit of good luck on their sides when TK tossed one in the slot and the puck went off a Senators skate in the goal. [2-1].

Champions create their own luck.  

After some back and forth hockey on each side the Sens charge into the Pens zone. A dump into the zone and the puck takes a crazy bounce, then catches Flower off guard. Kovalev gets a WIDE-OPEN chance only to squander it and hit the side of the net. #formerpenguinfail

Again, champions create their own luck.
Nearing the end of the third the Pens get a chance to run the rink and TK lead the pack. Taking it upon himself he went right through the neutral and lines up a strong howitzer over the right sholder of Leclaire. [3-1]. At this point Tyler Kennedy and Craig Adams have more points than the Two-Headed Monster.

What an angle.

Before heading into the third period lets pause for station identification.
Some more letangsexhair for the ladies.

Near the 5 minute mark TK find the puck on his stick to nearly get his third goal of the night. No dice. The Sens get a powerplay chance. Pens redeem Staalzy and kill it nicely. The only thing exciting about it was Crosby's breakaway. Again, no dice.

A couple of bad turnovers by the Pens lead to some good chances for the Senators. Fluery stays solid in net and deny's them all.

Jay McKee was everywhere.

Just past the 10 minute mark the Sens return the turnover favor and after a Craig Adams slap shot, Staal gets the easy rebound to finger roll his 3rd of the year. [4-1].

Picture of capitalization.

Nearing the last 5 minutes of the game the Senators get a 5 on 3 chance. Though it seemed at this point that they gave up. The Pens did kill it like a Manson murder, but clearly the Senators didn't have any interest in finishing the game. After the kill Geno and Sid had a chance to get on the score sheet, but Leclair made the stop and Sid got hooked. The Pens powerplay was just as depressing, though for the right reasons

Final Score: Pens 4 - Sens 1. 

No idea how Michalek gets the third star over Fluery (30 saves) or even Adams (2 assists)

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