Pens Win: Superman wears another Hat

So it seems I got myself another birthday present from Superman. Three years ago to-the-day Sid got his first career hat trick against the Flyers, and tonight he does the same for the third time in his career.

Modest as he is, Crosby notes...

"I was in the right place at the right time. I was standing all by myself a couple of times. (My linemates) did all the work, and I just tried to finish it off."
The Penguins came off arguably their worst game of the season against the Devils and laid it all out there. The game was total domination right after the first goal of the game. The biggest difference from this game to their prior one was, in my opinion, their forecheck and overall scoring chances. Sure they got their shots on goal last game, but there's a big difference between the two. If you watched the game as a Habs fan you know what I mean. They had 24 shots on goal, but very few scoring chances.

Right off the bat the Penguins showed a much better offensive style. You could tell by the way they got to pucks and got behind the defense in the neutral zone instead of trying to go through them (contra Devils). The game was initially pretty back and forth with no outrageous scoring chances to account for on either side. Though at the 8:33 mark the Pens began their surgery of the Habs. Kunitz makes a bad play to turn the puck over but then makes up for it by getting it back, keeping it in the zone, sliding it over to Guerin who then finds Crosby for this....[1-0]

Halak = stunned.

This was followed by Matt Cooke taking a hooking penalty whereby the Pens killed it like a Manson murder. But not without a Malkin/Dupuis chance that didn't end with a picture below this.

Nothing really to report other than the Pens showing a very intense offense as well as defense.

Ending the period, the aforementioned fan favorite U.S.S. Gill goes to the penalty box for delay of game.

What he's thinking: Why did I leave the 'burgh?

We got introduced to the 2nd period by a little Brass Bonanza with Bourque and Steggie and their desire to see a team in Quebec once again. Anyway, Gill had nothing to regret because the Pens didn't score on his infraction. Though 4 minutes later they did. Crosby once again in the right position in front of the net finds a juicy rebound off a Goligoski "pinger" and a Kunitz SOG with an impressive backhander, [2-0].

Baddest backhand in the game...maybe.

Immediately following the goal Cooke takes a high stick to the grill from D'Agostini leading to another Pens SUPER CUTS powerplay. But because of a struggling powerplay the Pens end up with nothing. The Habs however nearly got a shorty when Goligoski seemingly tries to attempt to keep the puck in his zone (even though it was out). Hits the iron. Fleury gives it love.

Pens continue to keep the put control and get some quality scoring chances. Crosby with two unreal scoring chances for the hat trick, though denied.

Then at the 12:58 mark, off a delayed penalty, Malkin comes on with the 4th line, Eaton lines up a slapper, Cooke screens, Adams tries, Rupp nets it for his third, yes third goal of the year, [3-0]

Third goal of the season?

Three minutes later Kunitz makes a great play finds a wide open Crosby who dekes, off the pad of Halak off Crosby’s left skate for his 3rd Career hat trick, [4-0].

 At least Hal had a nice view of it.

Crosby got a few more sweet chances and tried to find his fourth, to no avail.

Halak got pulled for obvious reasons so Price got a shot at some much needed ice time. Pretty even first 5 minutes of play, similar to the 1st period. Though unlike the first period the Habs finally get on the board. After Eaton hooked Chipchura Fleury makes a bad mistake and lifts the puck out of his own zone and the Habs go on a 5 on 3. 'Bout 10 seconds in Tomas Plekanec makes it 4-1. They don't get no stinkin' picture.

Couple minutes after though we get a shot of ol' Max in attendence.

Good to see him not kicking me in the taint.

And here's what happened next...

Carey Robs Malkin.

Gill goes to the box for dislodging net.

Gogo wrists a powerplay goal assisted by Malkin and Guerin, [5-1]. Crosby nearly got his 4th.

Someone breaks the glass.

Staal with a decent break draws a holding penalty.

Kunitz finally gets his goal of the season off a nice feed from Bourque (visions of the Carolina shootout), [6-1]

Final Score, 6-1.


Big bounce back game.

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