Hero of the Night?

I finally got a second to head over to Pensblog to read their recap from last nights game. Entertaining as usual, though there was a story at the end I found particularly awesome and I had to post it here. For the 8-10 people who haven't read this, tell me this isn't classic...

Hope you don't mind me borrowing the story Wes.

"So I just got back from the Pens/Kings game and thought you could use a story to lighten up a 5-2 loss...

It's the third period and the score is 2-2, still a solid game, when the jumbotron goes to this Navy guy who was standing at center ice for the anthem. He's the "Hero of the night", guess they do this regularly with people in uniform. Can't argue with giving the troops some love, and the announcer starts in with the bio of this Navy guy, he's served in Iraq, his division, etc., and the cheering is building, the Navy guy is looking around soaking it up, and just as the whole emotional moment peaks.... the Navy guy whips out a "Let's Go Pens" towel and starts waving it around. 18,360 people = stunned. A few seconds of silence and then boos rain down, mixed with a big cheer from the Pens fans in attendance. The jumbotron stays with the guy for at least 30 seconds as the announcer finishes his bit, and the Navy guy is just giving the towel to the camera the whole time. Outstanding. Definitely the Pensblog hero of the night.

Wes -- Redlands, CA"

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