Penguins Gameday 11/07/09 - Sharks

PIC: Which one's the impostor?

The Pens continue their west cost swing and travel to the land of start-up tech companies and venture capital to take on the San Joe Sharks. Crosby and company are coming off their most humiliating loss this year. Kopitar's an animal. I'd like to see him try his antics when Gonchar, Maklin, Kennedy, and Talbot are back in the line up, but unfortunately we wont see that this year.

Nevertheless, what we will see tonight is a hot 11-4-2 Sharks team which includes a much happier Dany Heatly. Depsite losing to Detroit in the shootout the other night, they've won 8 of their last 9 prior to that. Their big three (Marleau, Thornton, Heatly) will pose as a challenge to the Penguins since they really don't have an offensive answer to them. Their only hope is for McKee, Skoula, Goligoski, and Orpik to have big games. Not to mention Flower needs to have a stronger effort than Wednesday's 3rd period effort.

We also need another October 28th effort too.

Tonight's pregame comes from my good friend FrankD at Pensburgh...
"I wouldn't necessarily call that outlook pessimistic either.  The Kings and Sharks are good, much like Pittsburgh, but are currently not affected by injuries to the same degree in which the Penguins are.  That easily gives each team a one up over the Pens, so really coming out of this west coast trip 2-1 is, as far as I'm concerned, a success."

Tonight's video come from the infamous C-BLOG over at Pensblog.

Watch out San Jose, we have a Shark of our own.

Tonight's projected lines.



Marc-Andre Fleury

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