Hop on the Skoula Bus and get some Free Candy.

Tonight the Pens were challenged by a couple old friends, Johan Hedberg was between the pipes, and former Pens fan favorite Colby Armstrong. Going into Atlanta, the Pens face the reality of going 0-5 on the road. Would Ilya Kovalchuk continue the streak or would Geno put on another unbelievable performance?

Before the start of the game, FSN showed us the “Question of the Night”

Look familiar?

Max Talbot starts the game alongside Sidney Crosby, Free Candy and Gonchar are back as a defensive pairing. Phillips Arena was pretty empty; I saw more Pens fans than anything.

The Pens start off with pep in their step; Bill Guerin was flying around on the ice.

Flower makes a great save on Little and then on Kozlov at 15:45 of the first. We got a little taste of what we were in store for from Fleury in the days to come. Pascal Dupuis continued to play like a mad men while picking off a pass and setting up Geno with a good chance on goal.

Zach Bogosian then went to the box for interference at 5:45. Geno sets up Sid for a great opportunity, but Sid’s shot hops over the net. Looks as though the Thrashers were going to kill the PP, but Marty Skoula decides to take Atlanta to class and sends a nice wrister from the blueline that deflects off Ron Hainsey, [1-0]. Jerk Store and Crosby with the assists.

Flower continues to show off his glove bymaking on great save again on Little.

Sid get a scoring chance and does a little spin move into a backhander that sails over the net. Gonchar goes to the sin bin for kneeing at 10:43. Talbot pulls a sick move on a shorthanded chance, PP killed. Robot sends a nice shot from the boards, but a better save from the “Moose”

Period ends with SOG tied at 9.

Pens went 1-1 on the PP Wooo!

FSN cues us that TK could be back in action Monday night against the Florida Panthers.

The second period starts a little slow, but sure enough Jordan Staal heats up by throwing a nice shot at Moose. A leg save by Hedberg leaves the rebound for Jerk Store and an empty net. Jerk Store buries it... Funny joke.

Crosby and GG go on a 2-1, Sid's shot is stopped by Moose.

Flower shows that he can poke check a puck just as nice as he gloves the puck, disrupting a nice drive from Bogo going to the net. Colby Armstrong tries to sneak one by Fleur. Fleur probably tells Army at the end of that play, “You fast Ricky Bobby, but I’m fasta!”

Marty Skoula starts on a drive from the Pens ends sending the puck up to Staal who passes to Cookie. Cookie fans on the shot but finds Skoula with a cross ice pass [2-0] Skoula gets his second of the night at 7:34 of the second, Cooke and Staal pick up the assists. I wanted to see a tricky for Schoola, too bad.

The Thrashers get a chance on the PP after Craig Adams heads to the box. PP murdered.

Great shift from Staal- Crosby-Adams line, sets the drive for Ruppers and Geno who get a great rush through the neutral zone [3-0] Geno sneaks one by Moose. Mike Rupp is given the lone assist. Geno with goals in back to back games.

Flower flashes the glove again and robs Ilya Kovalchuk. Meanwhile Ron Hainsey decides to get testy with Malkin. Geno pretty much tells Hainsey, “You don’t want any of this.

Bourque goes to the box for a trip? More like “DIVE, DIVE, DIVE” whatev, PP killed.

Courtesy of @GhostWalker40

Max is hooked on a breakaway chance and gets awarded a penalty shot; not the best attempt but oh well. Hey! He's a Superstar anyway. Though FSN did catch a glimpse of a very unhappy Talbot. How do we know? Well, we read his lips.

The rookie Evander Kane challenges Deryk Engelland. Engelland easily takes down Holyfield, oh wait, I mean Evander.

With a buck thirty-five left in the period Flower literally stands on his head and makes a huge save on Afinogenov.

Another great period of hockey from the Pens as they outshot the Thrashers 14-8.

Staalzy and Kovalchuk started off the period yapping to each other and Rich Peverly receives a package of Free Candy.

Staalzy got into the head of Kovy by throwing a nice hip check on him. Big boy he is.

Feditenks dished off a nice centering pass to Dupuis, but Dups loses his hands on the shot.

The Thrashers got a nice rush but Benny “Lava” Lovejoy made a nice stand up play on Afinogenov.

Cookie threw a resourceful hit on Kovalchuk skating by; Kovy didn't ’t really appreciate that and decides to go after Cookie. They drop the gloves. It wasn’t all the great of a fight, a couple punches here and there. Oh well.

Kovalchuk then got a 10 minute misconduct, 5 minutes for fighting, 2 minutes for instigator with shield and 2 minutes for instigator. Nice.

The 4 minute PP wasn’t kind to the Pens (as usual) and the Thrashers scored shorthanded on a 2-1 rush after Thorburn slashes and BREAKS Geno sticks but doesn’t get called. Thorburn ends up with the shorty [3-1] Bogo and Kubina are credited with the assists.

Flower makes another nice save on Brian Little, are we seeing a pattern here? I think so!

Our old pal Army receives some Free Candy and then his pal Reasoner receives some too.


The Thrashers then pulled Moose is out of the net with 2:28 left in the game. Afinogenov then unfortunately scored after being robbed by Fleury countless times. [3-2] . Antropov and Peverly with the assists.

The refs go retarded and needed to mess with the time as Bob Errey gets impatient and draws a beard on Mark Eaton. WOW.

Staal drops the gloves with Afinogenov as the horns sounds.

3-2 good guys.

Goes to Jayla Crane for the lovely picture of FSN's "Question of the Night."

  • Can Sidney Crosby play sick all the time? He was a beast on the ice.
  • Marty Skoula’s first 2 goal game.
  • Congrats to Army, who is going to be a father soon.
  • Flower was a WALL.
  • Benny Lava looked better on defense.
  • Welcome back Free Candy.

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