Penguins Gameday - 11/23/09 - Need some happy!

Its a wonderful Monday here in Pens Universe, and since I am typing this you can't here the sarcasm coming from my voice. Pittsburgh is reeling from the Steelers loss yesterday to the Kansas City Chiefs, and to think after injuries to Big Ben and Charlie Batch; Dennis Dixon will be the starting QB hasn't made this the best day in Pittsburgh either.

Who can we look for inspiration, for desire, and confidence in playing through injuries...??? The Pittsburgh Penguins continue to battle through injuries as they head to Florida to battle the Panthers. Florida will debut their third jersey tonight vs. the Pens; if it has a rat on it, i turn the channel. Pittsburgh makes a small twist to the lines tonight featuring Max Talbot with Crosby and Guerin.




The Penguins 3-2 shoot out win vs. Florida on 10/23/09 our recap here.

"Getting down was a bit trickier. I almost ended up outside the building but I was able to get through. There were a bunch of doors. I was banging on some doors but no one let me in. I found an open door and feel like I did a whole lap around the concourse, but I made it." Ben Lovejoy on his big adventure after yesterday's practice.

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