Mellon Memories: Let's Go Console!

I am sure that some people have some spectacular and great memories of Mellon Arena/Civic Arena, for me, outside of some concert, regarding sporting events, I’ve often been on the losing side. Since about 1985, going to Pens games, I’ve seen them win 1 game. Outside of going to the Igloo to see the Pens lose or end up in a tie or lose in a shoot out, I’d get tickets in advance and be excited to see Mario or Jagr back in the day or Sid and then come game time and they be out with an injury. I’ve had a string of some of the worst luck at Mellon Arena.

There was this one time, in which I was fortunate enough to get really great tickets just shy of center ice, not far back for the playoffs in 1998. Jagr was playing from what I remember, so I was extra excited. I also got the tickets for free, which was an added bonus. The game was against Toronto, we lost and it was the elimination game for us in the playoffs that year. To make matters worse, my “great” ticket happened to be in smack dab right in the center of about 30 Maple Leafs fans. Seeing the Pens lose + some of the most obnoxious fans in the league and I was only 20 and couldn’t drown my sorrows in beer during the game either.

Needless to say, I won’t miss going to Mellon Arena. Hopefully The Consol will bring me better luck. Outside of the hope for new luck, I’m also looking forward to walking into the new arena and not being elbow to elbow through the concourses, having more wiggle room in my seat, having an actual cup holder for my drink, a more pleasant smell, bathrooms that don’t smell like stale urine etc… I am absolutely looking for to the Consol Energy Center and bidding The Igloo a fond farewell for standing for so long and doing it’s job for as long as it has. It’s time to move on….


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