Penguins Gameday - 11/05/09 - Kings

Coming in a little late for a pregame post, but I wanted to say a thing or two before the game started.

The Penguins get to visit the land of the Lakers tonight (Staples Center) and face perhaps the most coveted defenseman in the off-season, Rob Scuderi. I don't have to tell you about his contribution to the team during last years Stanley Cup run. Notable for his goalie efforts in game 6 and infamous nickname (The Piece), Scuds currently has 1 assist and a -2 +/- rating. Though Scuds isn't about putting numbers up on the boards, he's about blocking shots and agitating forwards. His replacement Jay "The Key" McKee is clearly picking up the slack by leading the league in blocked shots. And from the .gif you see to your right, everybody's pitching in.

Emotions will be a little higher tonight as the Penguins intend to show Scuds its not all about the money. Likewise McKee and Skoula will personally thank Scuderi for leaving.

Tonight's pregame comes from yours truly...
"I'm personally looking forward to watching Crosby & Co. light the red lamp of regret into the heart of good ol' Scuds tonight."

Tonight's video is Crosby showing off his versatility during last years one and only meetings against the Kings.

Tonight's projected lines.



Marc-Andre Fleury

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