Penguins Gameday - 11/25/09 - Gobble, Gobble

In what seems like days and weeks away is really down to less then 24 hours, a day that I have waited for since..well..last year, a day that will kill any diet, its almost Thanksgiving. Turkey and stuffing and ham; OH MY! Turkey and stuffing and ham; OH MY! In my case I have 2 dinners within 3 hours of each other...and quite frankly by Saturday when the leftovers are about done, I may make a third dinner myself. Basically my grandparents will talk to me like this...

A new and exciting tradition continues as the Penguins host a game on Thanksgiving eve. Tonight the Pens play the Montreal Canadians at 7:30. Pittsburgh cruised to a 6-1 win the last time these two teams played on October 28th read our recap here, Crosby with the HT.

Your projected lines from the Pens website:




So real quick here are my top five things I am most thankful for of the Pittsburgh Penguins. They seem to have a theme.

#5.) Five goals, Five ways!!!

#4.) The bet and goal!

#3.) Mike Lange

#2.) Cup envy!

#1.) Mr. Buries it!

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