Wise words from Shero

"Part of the challenge that we're finding now coming back as Stanley Cup champions is every team is ready for you," Shero said. "Their building is full and they are up for it to beat the Penguins. We knew this was coming but it's quite the challenge and it's quite a compliment to teams like Detroit, who face it every year coming back....So far I think our team has responded well. We have a number of injuries … but we had quite a few injuries last year but at the end they helped us because other guys stepped up into prominent roles and were ready for down the line. We'll see what happens this year."

Shero does believe the Stanley Cup changed the Penguins, but in a positive way. They believe that if they play the right way and follow coach Dan Bylsma's system they can win again. That belief hasn't wavered in the face of injuries.

"That's a good feeling going into every game thinking you can win the game," Shero said. "It's not always going to go our way every night and we know that, but we have to keep playing the right way and we think in the long run it's going to be a good thing for us."

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