Sens Win: Pens Wear Depends...

Regarding the title (cf. 10/12/09 recap)

"Sometimes, you just get blown out." Anonymous

A less than stellar effort for our beloved Pens this evening. What started out as total domination for the Pens quickly did a complete 180 in the other direction. The lack of offensive efficiency and defensive integrity coupled with sub-par goaltending led to a Senators blowout.

The Penguins started off with a ton of pep. Gonchar was out quarterbacking and it seemed all was well in Pens Universe, despite Talbot getting his first time on the ice in 5 months and immediately takes a penalty. That ol' Superstar...Meanwhile, Sarge did have a hand in the first goal with a great pass up ice where Guerin then finds Dupuis who sent a pin point pass to Staal, [1-0].

For the next 8 minutes or so it was all Penguins. Despite not having many scoring chances nor putting the puck on net, they still maintain solid puck control and had the Sens on their heals. Even defensively they were strong. They kept the puck away from Fleury making his job that much easier. That is, until the Sens put their first on the board.

It took then 12 minutes to notch their first up. After keeping their puck in the Pens zone for what seemed like 2 straight minutes they finally found the back of the net, [1-1]. For me, I could totally see this one coming. You could just sense they were going to score.

Yeah, and it was this guy who scored...

Ending the first period tied things didn't seem very much our of reach. The ogre above took a penalty to end the period and the Pens started out on the long road we call the power play. What happened next is unfortunately typical of how their special team efforts have been as of late. Coming up short on the first 1:15 of the power play Guerin is charged with an illegitimate interference penalty. Creating a four on four scenario the Sens get a chance or two and find themselves on the power play. With a little luck on their sides Alfredsson wrists one on net and Milan Michalek gets a piece of it to take the lead, [1-2].

Still, the game wasn't out of reach. The Pens ended up with 11 shots more that period, despite a 4 shot first period. They were determined. You could tell the Sens were in control, but a one goal lead is very shaky at most times.

This is the first time you hear me mention Crosby and Malkin primarily becuase their efforts tonight were just not there. Rumors are spreading that Crosby is indeed hurt in some capacity, but I'm not going to use that as an excuse until someone confirms. Malkin seemed a little out of it and didn't appear to want to shoot very much.

This period, total disaster. I'm just going to give it to you like this....
  • 1:29 Chris Kelly (1) Assists: Mike Fisher, Alexandre Picard Ottawa [1-3]
  • 5:09 Chris Phillips (2) Assists: Mike Fisher, Nick Foligno Ottawa [1-4]
  • 7:12 Chris Phillips (3) Assists: Filip Kuba, Chris Kelly Ottawa [1-5]
  • Fleury pulled, Johnson enters game.
  • 13:06 Jonathan Cheechoo (2) Unassisted Ottawa [1-6]
  • 17:19 Evgeni Malkin (5) (Power Play) Assists: Matt Cooke Ottawa [2-6]
Geno did finally get on the board as you can see. Though clearly it was too little too late. The Sens has already completed their onslaught and there was nothing we could do about it. Eric Godard busted up Chris Neil's face. How many Chris' do the Sens have anyway? We have one we're looking to get rid of...Jerk Store.

The Pens head to Hotlanta on Saturday in hopes of redeeming themselves.

  • Staal and Dupuis were the Pens stars of the night.
  • Fleury let too many easy ones in.
  • Crosby maaaaaaaaaaaay be hurt. Unconfirmed.
  • Defense clearly not in unison.
  • Mike Yeo needs to be replaced.
  • Alfredsson is still a beast.
  • Jerk Store
  • Sens had 20 takeaways...
  • Good to see Talbot and Gonchar, but they clearly impacted the chemistry.
  • Oh, and Rev. Ben Lovejoy lead the team in shots, 5.

You can always blame this guy.

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