29 games to get a road win?

One of the infamous short recaps tonight due to a Pens loss and mutilated keyboard, thanks to my 2 year old. Roughly 8 keys are missing including the 2, 5, H, V, B, N, M, and the ENTER. That just took me 3 minutes to write.

On to some thoughts..

This game reminded me much of the last against the Hawks. Solid overall game, a few burst of energy, a bunch of missed opportunities, and Fleury letting a few by that shouldn't have...mainly the first and third goals. Jokinen's second goal caught Flower out of position and was actually a halfway decent play, I'll give him that. Billy G wet toe to toe with Gleason, but unfortunately lost the fight...so much for the energy boost. The game did shift a little bit in the second period momentum wise. Pens started out on the PP but didn't convert. Then after Walker slid one by Fleury, who was on the cusp of being pulled. Sid then chopped the Pens first goal in through what appeared to be a quarter slot. He reminds me of Steve Nash in basketball, you give them and inch and that's all they need to score. Pardon the NBA reference. Forty-nine seconds later the man/myth/legend Mike Rupp tallied the Pens one goal away from tying the game up. Sadly that was it for scoring. The Canes dropped the puck ball from there and went to a defensive strategy and only registered 10 SOG in the final 2 periods. Even with chance after chance, the hockey gods weren't in the Pens corner. Up to the last seconds they had a solid chances and couldn't sink it.

And yes, it look the Canes 29 games to win on the road. So what if it was against us. They also beat us to get into the playoffs last year and we all know how that ended up.
  • Geno had a bunch of turnovers and didn't get a real decent shot off; 4 mins in penalties.
  • Sid played well but to me it looks like the groin still nags him. Hopefully its just me. 20th goal of the season. A sick 26:32 TOI.
  • JStaal played mediocre. Sesame Street line started off well, but...
  • Dupuis and Adams played well on the forecheck and PK. 
  • Letang doesn't look all there. Doesn't have his mojo back just yet.
  • Need to scratch Godawful and play Letestu. 
  • Andrew Alberts shouldn't score, hands down.

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