Final Update - Live Game Day Notes: Carolina

First off good luck to Jagrmeister on his first day at the new job.  With him out of the loop today waiting on his new phone I'm gonna do a lil' live blog leading up to tonight's game.

The Carolina Hurricanes come into town with their 0-10-3 road record as easily the biggest disappointment of the young season.  Rumors grumble that major shakeups are coming with a solid group of veterans who are in the last year of their contracts being actively shopped.  It's choppy water for Paul Maurice right now.

Your projected lineup given the developments:




Post Skate Information: (Last updated 11:32 EST)
Sidney Crosby is a GO tonight for the Canes.  Sid had this to say after the skate:

"I'm in," Crosby said. "I've had a good couple days of rest and got it worked on. There's no more pain. That's all I really wanted to get rid of. I can deal with it right now."

News from the Skate (last updated 11:11 EST) 
- Sid, Kunitz and Goligoski all took the morning skate.  The Penguins list their statuses officially as Unknown for Sid and Doubtful for Kunitz and GoGo.  None of them were wearing red no-contact jerseys.

If you find yourself unable to watch the game tonight but have a Twitter account and a data plan follow @SLBD_InGame for every major game update via Twitter.

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