Shots from the Point: Hawks Aftermath

In Today's Edition:  Letestu is legit, Staal is Forgiven and Keith Deserves a game

Mark Letestu's LSD Trip
Yesterday the collective Penguins Nation cringed when they heard the news that Captain Sidney Crosby left practice very quickly.  Fears were confirmed when the news came very shortly after that he would miss last night's tilt with a tender groinJonathan Bombuile was quick to get people in the loop that Mark Letestu had started packing his bags and was Pittsburgh bound. 

Letestu had filled in during Injuryvember when Pens player were dropping like flies and performed acceptably.  Last night he was surprisingly the third line center and, well whatever they served him on that bus break in Bedford had super spinach in it or something.  He was electric last night.  He made four set up passes that felt Malkin-esque. He was strong with the puck and was a factor every time he was on the ice The Tweet of the Night espoused his stellar play.  Letestu is greater than Bourque without a doubt.  He'll be a solid NHLer one of these day, very soon. 

The Jordan Staal-shank Redemption
I took a good amount of heat in the third period for this tweet last night:

This was what I said after he blindly whacked at a puck that had he hit it straight in any fashion would have gone in the net. It was a reference to the open net look Jerk-store had against the Bruins. People, including some PensU folks jumped me, and that's fine.  It was a really bad shot on the best opportunity anyone had to that point.  However as the recently departed Chris Bourque would have gone into a corner and cried for daddy to fix it, Jordan Staal came out on a set play designed by Mike Yeo with the goalie pulled and put in the game tying goal and earned the Pens a point.  FORGIVEN.  I love Jordan Staal.  I am not one of these ridiculous people calling for his trade.  He is a weapon unlike any other in the league. A legit 1/2 line center playing 3rd line. He made a few bad plays last night and I am the type of fan that says something about it.

Duncan Keith Should Sit a Game
Matt Cooke on Artem Anisimov last Monday against the Rangers to set the stage. Cookie's feet leaving head shot on Anisimov got Cooke the gate for two games.  We all knew it was coming because Cooke isn't named Mike Richards.  Now last night, in Cooke's 1st period back from that suspension Blackhawks Dman Duncan Keith went headhunting on none other than Matt Cooke:

It's a blow to the head.  No doubt.  I think Keith deserves a game to put his name on the same prior offenders list that the League uses to determine future sanctions against dirty play.  He won't get it.  First the comparison to Cooke's hit ends when Matt Cooke leaves his feet to hit Anisimov.  Keith goes high, but stays on his blades.  Secondly, the Matt Bradley/Dan Carcillo fight from early in the Flyers blowout last night will get all of the attention today from league discipline man Colin Campbell.  Keith won't see any time even though he seriously deserves it.  The funnier part were all of the Hawks fans last night on Twitter running their yaps about Cooke "whining".  These are the same fans who had their Captain Jonathan Toews out for like 2 weeks from a blow to the head from Willie Mitchell and did nothing but cry. 

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