Pens: Alot - Flyers: Jokes on Ice

The Pens opened up their home and home series with the Flyers tonight at the Igloo tonight.  Most Pens fans were chomping at the bit to get a piece of the wounded and reeling Jokes.  They wouldn't be disappointed.

Sid got things rolling with a Power play goal set up from a blocked shot off of Feds and Gonch. Crowd goes wild on the first pens Powerplay chance 1-0 Champs 3 1/2 minutes in.

Then it got a little chippy, and by that I mean three fights in a minute.  Rupp and Asham went, renewing a rivalry from Ruppers Devil Days. Six (6), SIX seconds later Cote and Godard dropped 'em. Then a whole ten seconds after that Dan Carcillo felt left out and went for a Penguin who doesn't really fight, Craig Adams.  6 majors in 16 seconds.  Check to see if that is a record someone.

If the Flyers were trying to get fired up, it backfired.  Dad smacked one in off a Sid's shot and made it 2-0 less than a minute later.

They Flyers went to the PP at the mid point of the period and  Carcillo put in a rebound from Leadership to make it 2-1.   He taunted the crowd trying to be like Max and looked retarded in the process. Geno took a few penalties as the period wound down and it looked like it would end that way as the tempo slowed until Jordan Staal put in his 10th career SHG with 5 left in the frame.  3-1 Good guys.  It would only get much much better from there.

The first half of the second was pretty quiet and around the 10 minute mark the pens went on what was their best non-scoring PP chance of the year.  The move of Malkin to the point opened up a good number of shooting chances.  The Flyers got some mojo from the kill and the stanza rocked back and forth and looked like the score would hold...

...until Staal put in his second of the night with :14 second left in the period just as the Pens killed a bogus penalty on Rupp.   Rout on.

Fedotenko opened the period with a nasty shot on Carcillo.  He got a 2 minute boarding and you could see jobbers face hit the glass pretty hard.  Tenks is lucky it wasn't five.

Carcillo would seem to have put in his second PP goal of the game but further review showed he didn't have the eye hand coordination of an 8year old 8-bit Nintendo player and he kicked the puck in.  NO GOAL

 Hartnell put on his idiot hat and took yet another stupid penalty for the 5000th of his career (hey congrats mop-head) when he yanked Letang's stick out of his hand.  He'd go to the box.  I just thought I'd mention it

7:43 to go, drop pass magic Malkin to Feds and money.  Boucher never saw what hit him.  Fed rips it past him.  Mellon erupts in "Go home Flyers" - my son joins in to my delight. I'm such a proud papa. Surprised the Flyers didn't get their foot down hard on the goon pedal with it beyond over, but they were probably too stunned.   Malkin finished them with 1:21 left, I think Boucher was just crying in his mask at that point. 6-1 and done.

- Seriously, Sid and Staal love playing against Phill-a-joke-ia.  They both have more goals against the Flyers than any other team.  
- Rupp hates the Flyers too, noticably.  @Fleuryous was at the game, said he was INTO it.
- Pens now lead the East, but Devils have three in hand
- It won't be on the score sheet but Gonch saved two goals with steady play on Fleury's left side
- Flower was jumpy early, settled it down and stopped some early heart attacks - solid last 40
- Crosby, Malkin, Letang, and Rupp high shooters.  
- Orpik with 2A among 7 pens players with 2 pt nights (that's major support scoring)

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