Penguins 3rd Jersey Contest from SLBD

@oldtimepenguins has provided some Jersey Fonts for your use
Don't know how to install 'em?  LEARN here

There has been a good amount of discussion lately surrounding what the Pittsburgh Penguins might do with their announced yet currently undisclosed 3rd jersey next season. Those of us on Twitter have been tossing ideas back and forth as to what we like and do not like. To no avail.  No longer.

Let the Penguins fan base know what you'd like the new Penguins Alternate Jersey to look like.  All entries should be sent to SLBD01@gmail.com.

1.) Download the Reebok Edge Uniform Template.  You may use this or another Jersey template of your choosing but please make sure your template is symmetrical.
2.) Use your favorite image editing software to create your suggestion.
2.) Save your design as a JPG PNG or GIF no smaller than 500x500 pixels.
3.) When completed sent to SLBD01@gmail.com with the subject line Pens 3rd Jersey Entry

Judging will be completed by Pens Universe staff and if we can get the services of a celebrity judge we may add that.  Entries will be presented to the PensU staff without names or twitter IDs, ect.

1st Place:  $25 Gift Card to The NHLshop.com and a special souvenir from SLBD.
2nd Place: $10 Gift Card to the NHLshop.com and an SLBD souvenir.
3rd Place:  Respect, bragging rights over everyone you beat, and an SLBD souvenir.

Winners will be announced and published following the contest.  In order to be eligible you must have a valid mailing address, be 18 years of age or older or have written parental consent which should accompany your entry.   

The decisions of the judges are final, entries must be received with a email time stamp at the SLBD inbox of 1/8/10 @ 8pm EST or earlier to be eligible.  Please limit 5 entries per person.  Once an entry is received via email is it considered final an no further revision will be accepted.  Image creators retain all rights to their work but grant PensU and SLBD the right to publish and distribute without alteration.

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