Penguins Gameday 12/17/09

Tonight the Penguins head across the PA turnpike to Philadelphia with the hopes of sweeping this home and home series against the Flyers. The last time the Pens sweep a home and home against the Flyers was 17 years ago..wow...my goodness I was 12.

After the 6-1 beat down Tuesday night how will the Flyers respond? With typical goonism of course, the over-under for a fight is three minutes into the first period. Quite frankly I hope the Flyers bring that sort of game, because the Pens have just proven they can win playing that style.

Here are your projected starting line-ups from the Penguins website:




"We're not playing with enough heart right now to win."
- Captain Mike Richards talking to NHL.com after losing to the Penguins, 6-1, on Tuesday night.

One thing i noticed while watching Tuesday nights game was the the Penguins went to the "slot" area a ton. Evgeni Malkin's shorthanded goal especially shows this, Geno makes the move to the slot and no one from Philly even tries to get physical with him. Fed's goal as well as Staal's goal was from the same area, look for this to continue tonight.

Here are the highlights from Tuesday's game:

My thoughts for to nights game:
1.)Wide the wave from the crowd when Philly goons it up, then strike early and often.
2.)You don't have to score while shorthanded, but keep the great PK up!
3.)The third line will need to be a factor with Philly having the match up they want tonight.

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