Pens Gameday 12/05/09 - Hawks

Many are calling tonight's match-up a possible preview of the twenty-ten Stanley Cup Finals. It would certainly be poetic justice since the first and last time the Pens won the SC back to back was against the schmohawks. 

The subplot, rather the main plot, is the return of Marian Hossa to the Igloo. Yes, he got what he deserved last year on June 12, but his presence still angers us. I don't care what you tell me, you feel the same.

The schmohawks are 17-7-3, second only to the Sharks and sharing the exact same record as the Flames. Towes, Kane, and Keith all signed extension recently so this team is sure to be hot for some time.

Unfortunately our beloved Captain will be out of tonights game and has been nursing a groin injury for some time. Eleven points in his last 3 games injured? Scary.

The highlights from the last meeting on Feb 27th.

Your projected lines:




Captain on the Hawks, "They have a lot of skill. We should expect a real fast-paced game. They try to play a similar style to us. They try to go, go, go. They have a lot of speed. It should be a skillful and back-and-forth kind of game."

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