The Unofficial Voice joins PU

Yes the rumors are true.  I have signed on to be a part of the debauchery going on here at PensU.  Some of the loyal PensU readers are likely going "who the heck is this guy?" Well I am a writer for Hockey Independent and far more importantly I am the guy who has taken it upon himself to call the play-by-play for every Penguins game on Twitter for people who are working, have no access to Radio/TV, or just like to use Twitter as a part of their hockey experience.  I try to keep the games as real time as possible for folks who can do nothing more than follow the game on their phones due to whatever circumstances.

So, each game you can listen to my commentary on @SLBD and get goal calls, penalty updates, and the major play calls of the game at @SLBD_InGame.  But yes, a biography for the benefit of all who still dont know me.  Here is my standard issue Pens Universe "About Me"

Jared OzVath - @SLBD  @SLBD_InGame @SLBD_PensNews
Unofficial Twitter play-by-play voice of the Pittsburgh Penguins
Pens fan since 1981 (I saw the game when I was 4 and fell in love)
Hometown: Clairton, PA
Current Town: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Favorite All-Time Pens Player: Mario Lemieux (guy saved the team like 2 or 3 times or something)

Two questions that usually come up:  SLBD = Smilin' Like a Butcher's Dog my first Pens blog, shortened to it's acronym.   SLBD is now kind of it's own thing drawing in news from all over the NHL, like CNN. 

The other is why Oklahoma?  Well it's where the USAF dropped me after 8 years of service.  I am a Global War on Terrorism vet, Tinker AFB Oklahoma was my last assignment and I landed a good job here so we stayed.  I miss home everyday though. 

I'm sure this post comes off egotistical, but believe me I have none.  I am totally aware of my small place in the hearts of about 200 or so Pens fans.  Oh I am also an avid NHL10 player and my Xbox Gamertag is ozman51.

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