Pens Lose, but at least Jags is back!

Glossary: Jags = Jagrmeister...my twitter name. 

Okay, so the Pens lost tonight. It happens from time to time, I hate to break it to you. And yes, PU didn't get around to a pregame today, double blunder on our Pens front. The game? I'll get to that in just a moment. I wanted to take this time to explain my recent absence. Hopefully you didn't even notice. Hopefully we've developed a system like a well oiled machine that you didn't even know I was gone. If you follow me on Twitter then you know what the deal is. I've been out of commission for a few weeks from a laptop cord issue. That's right, a cord issue. And if I wanted to rectify the issue same-day, then it would have cost me more cashola, something I don't have right now. Why's that? Well, I just started a new job which I haven't been paid for yet. Likewise I just moved into a new house TODAY, a temporary holdover until we purchase a new one. And I'm having my fourth child here, due next week. So there you have it, my story. No excuses, just leading a full life and the blog is down about 6 or 7 spots on my priority list. Anyone with a similar situation can relate. 


Okay, on to the game. I said earlier via twitter that I didn't anticipate a full recap. I just couldn't, today has just been overwhelming. I'm just going to give some quick thoughts. Trust me, after the New Year things will go back to normal...I think..

I did snap Cooke's goal...boy was he due. By the looks of this if he didn't score he's be in some shiz...looking at a WIDE open Rupp and Toskala simply not playing the pass...

I though the Leafs really showed me something tonight, they can play. They really put forth a solid offensive effort and slid 4 goals past a hot Fleury. The Pens did what they do best at times, but did play on their heals a little. With the exception of Cookie's goal the other two they had to work extra hard to get. Clearly goals weren't flowing like the salmon of Capistrano like last game. But sometimes you have to get knocked back down to size, keep you ego in check, you know? Overall the Leafs didn't play like a team with only 37 points. And the Pens just didn't keep it together late. Momentum shifted after Rupp netted a sweet pass from Geno, but Ian White's goal with 1:22 remaining in the third shut the door.

Tuesday we play the Sabers (again) who are 6-2-2 in their last 10 and fourth in the East as of tonight. Early season surprise indeed.

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