Mellon Memories: Thermos night!

I don't remember what year it was, but I remember the game. The Pens were playing the Islanders....yes, those Islanders of the early 80's...Mike Bossy, Denis Potvin, Bryan Trottier, Billy Smith, etc. It was Pens Thermos night at the Igloo and it was given out to everyone that entered the building. Well, the game went exactly as it should have at that time. Bossy had a hat trick and the Pens were blown out of the building 7-2. Seeing the Isles of that era, along with a Bossy hat trick should have been enough to make that game special, but what made it a great memory that has stuck in my mind some 25 years later was the fight that broke out in the stands half way through the third period. The building was 2/3's empty by this time (mind you it was only 1/2 full to begin with) and all of the sudden, thermos's started flying....not just a few thermos's, but a ton....it was a thing of beauty. It was such a huge event, that even the players during a break in the action were watching. For years after, whenever we would talk about the Pens around home, that game would always be brought up because of the fight in the stands.

Thanks for giving me an opportunity to relieve my memories of the Pens and Mellon Arena, always the Civic Arena in my mind!

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