Lazy Sunday's: Two-Heads, two goals...

Sunday recaps are just going to be short, that's how it is, even when we win. Take it for what you will.

Simply a great game. What started out as a bit of a defensive game with great goaltending (or sleeper, depending on your perspective) turned into a shootout battle won by the skill of the Two-Headed Monster and the composure of Fleury. A win like this can really light a fire under their &*&% for the rest of the season. Let's just hope it does.

There were a couple times during the game where I heard Doc Emery yell, "There's a DRIVE!" and my mind instantly transported back to June 12th. After teetering back and forth from reality to memory and vice versa, I finally came to after realizing if Chris Osgood was in net we'd of won the game 7-1. Jimmy Howard was solid in everything except the shootout. But again, when you're dealing with those-you-see-on-the-right, sometimes it doesn't matter which goalie's in net.

Evidently they play hockey well together too. Thanks Mrs. Eller.

Same thing tomorrow? 

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