Pens Win: I hate Sean Avery

WARNING: Trying to write a post game with a 2 year old climbing all over you is not recommended.

I'd like to start this post by thanking the hat you see on the right hand side there. Now I'm not superstitous at all. People call me the king on jinx cause I'm always doing stuff that allegedly does so. However in this case I noticed one of those weird "coincidences" where it was so clear to me that the hockey gods decided to hinge the entire outcome of this game on whether or not I wore the hat. In the first period I wasn't wearing the hat until my oldest insisted that if the game was on TV that I had to wear it. Result: 1-0. My middle child decided it was her turn to wear the hat. Result: 1-1. After putting them both down during the first intermission I misplaced the hat and didn't wear it all second period. Result: 1-1 after 2. After that my 2 year old threw the hat into the kitchen as a joke. Result, 1-2 Rangers. It was at this point I started to see the magic in the hat. I then got up to get a drink and voilà, 2-2...then 3-2...then 4-2. As such, I thank the hat.

Total domination first period. I don't care that each team had 7 shots a piece, the Pens controlled the flow of the game and really looked confident. Momentum wasn't really a factor until the second period when the Rangers began to utilize it in their favor. And with being down a man the first 6 minutes of the 3rd and going down a goal midway through, it was all Pens from there on out. It wasn't so much NY squandering the lead like you'll most likely read on Rangers blogs. Rather it was Geno and company that decided it was their turn to show why in fact they are champions and the Rangers are not.

Couple days off and we face the streaking Senators at home.

On to other thoughts:

Chris Conner.

If you're like myself who know very little of Conner you can best direct all of you questions to Pens Universe WBS analyst, Ali Meyer. However some of my best twitter friends like OneSmugPug get to see Conner pretty regularly basis in WBS. Matter of fact, he was in front of the net when this happened on Saturday.

With 2 goals tonight while only having 7 all year in WBS, I know I'm impressed. Since we're on the topic of Conner this is what I said of him when watching him back in preseason in a loss against the Leafs. Yes a loss against the Leafs...did I note it was preseason?
BTW, Conner, while a little rough around the edges and not the best hands, is an absolute speed demon. He was out-staking just about everyone out there. Guess you pretty much have to at 5'8 180.
I'll kind of say the same of him here tonight with the exception that his hands look better. He was up and down the ice fighting along the boards and even winning a scrum or two. Is he NHL ready-ready? I think he might be a solid fourth liner who can add some energy off the bench. That's my take.

Nick Johnson, also solid. 


When he wants to, he takes over a game. You saw how after the Anisimov scored that second goal Geno drew the penalty and scored the powerplay goal. That's the Geno we all know and love. That's the Geno that is a superstar all the time and a mega star when he wants to be. He's turned it on pretty heavily as of late, and at a good time too. Remember, he said he wants 10 Cups, not just one. I think he wants a gold medal as well, though he'll have to go through Sid for that. Anyone else pumped for the Olympics?


When debating there's actually times when I think to myself Sid's not that much better than everyone else (I know, you don't have to say it), then he just continues and continues to amaze me. Pure talent aside I'm pretty sure he's the best combination of talent/skill/IQ on the planet. Say what you will about him but he doesn't have the size of Ovi or Geno; he doesn't have the line support of a Heatley or Toews. He does what he does with guys like Chris Conner and Pascal Dupuis on his line who are 4th liners/AHL players at best. And to top off a Gold, a Hart, an Art, and a Cup all before the age of 22, he's now showing the hockey world he can score more than anyone (when he wants) and he can win the draw better than anyone. I don't know what else the Kid can get better at, but when you haven't his your peak and you've accomplished just about all there is to in the hockey world at 21....scary.


Welcome back Flower. Stopping 28 shots alright in my book for stepping back on the ice and winning in MSG. He's now 12-2-2 in his career in MSG so its a wonder why he didn't play yesterday and Johnson did. Now we know. Flower was sharp. Despite letting that poll cat sneak by him he had some great stops. His finger didn't seem to bother him at all with some tremendous glove saves. Hence....

Oh, and I hate Sean Avery.

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