Penguins Gameday 1/12/10 -

Tonight the Pittsburgh Penguins battle the New York Rangers at the Mellon at 7:30. Their isn't the hatred towards the Rangers like their is towards the Capitals and Flyers, but something gets me going inside when we play the Rangers. Maybe it was that 1940 chant that echoed at the Igloo during one of my first games live in person.
Taking a look at the Rangers the first person that comes to mind isn't Marian Gaborik, it for me is Sean Avery. Sean quite simply is a poor man's Matt Cooke, he tries to be an agitator but when he gets close this happens.

Speaking of injury prone Marian Gaborik, he was hurt in a "freak" accident at practice this week. Marian crashed the net and his thigh was cut by Henrik Lundqvist. Marian is listed day-to-day.

Looking at the Penguins for this evening, the Pens will use the same line combinations to start the game as they did vs. the Islanders on Wednesday night. Here are the highlights from the last meeting against the Rangers and the PensUniverse recap.




Will's thoughts for tonight's game.
1.) Sid the Kid was held scores less vs. the Islanders he'll respond.
2.) Support Brent Johnson, he gives you everything he has, play some defense in front of him.
3.) I'll keep writing it, Power Play needs to keep going.

On the juices flowing for the Olympics with the Opening Ceremony tonight:
"The closer it gets, the more exciting it gets and you anticipate it a little bit more. The best way to deal with it is to make sure your game is where it needs to be going in there. You want to be able to step right in there and play well. With each day, I think it is pretty normal to have that anticipation." Sidney Crosby

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