Open letter for Ted...

Dear Ted,

    There seems to be sour grapes regarding Brian Campbell taking an early vacation due to that little push by Alexander Ovechkin. If I were in you’re shoes, I would probably be somewhat upset given the recent happenings in the NHL, just as much as you are.  You can compare “the push” to the Cooke/Savard or the Booth/Richards incident all you want, but they are clearly different hits.  I do not make light of any of these incidents due to the fact that injuries were produced on each occasion, and that’s a rather serious issue.  Hitting from behind has been a long standing issue in the NHL and has been addressed and notably defined, however hits to the head is obviously needing more definition and the NHL is taking those steps. I think it should have been an issue addressed better in previous years, it wasn’t but we are on the way. I freely admit to having read your blogs from time to time, Ted.  You are an interesting person, who obviously cares about his investment. I think that is a pretty big deal, especially when you look at baseball teams that simply collect money from the Yankees without lifting a finger to be competitive.  I can appreciate the enthusiasm, but I have to question your professionalism. I’ve seen the Adam’s hit on Ovechkin hit, heck I remember it quite well. That would be the same game that Ovie laid an interesting hit on Cooke as well.  As far as Adam’s as concerned, you posted the video to your blog but did you watch that hit in comparison to Ovie/Campbell? Adams rides the hit to the boards, and CLEARLY does not crush a vulnerable Ovie, when he could have easily done it. Remarkably, your boy walked away from that pretty unscathed. The only penalty for Adams was for fighting, having to “answer the call” as it were.  Ovie/Campbell was called on the ice, and I will agree that I thought the call was either a double minor or 5 min major at best and not necessarily suspension worthy. It was a penalty regardless.  Your players are not allowed to criticize the Refs or the League publicly, I am curious as to why you do and why you allow your coach to do this as well.  Answering questions to the media is one thing but, who are we kidding here?  When you to talk, it seems almost apparent that you are looking for a popular opinion to what you feel is unfair. Guess what, I taught all of my kids the very first rule, Life is not fair, do not expect it to be and they seem to grasp the concept pretty well.  Why can’t you? I will give you a few people who could teach you about unfairness in hockey, allow me:

Brian Campbell
Marc Savard
Cam Neely
Pat Lafontaine
Eric Lindros
Brett Lindros
Mike Bossy
Steve Moore
Bryan Berard
Ace Bailey

If I were you I would look up how exactly Ace Bailey’s hockey career was ended. I’ll give you a hint, HIT FROM BEHIND (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ace_Bailey).  I am pretty sure that you have quieter means to voice your displeasure over what you think is unfair, all I ask is that you try to use them.  Your obvious disdain for The Pittsburgh Penguins shows far more often then not. If you want that to even be a remotely relevant topic anymore, make a push to get back into the “Patrick” Division again, instead of that soft spongy group of ragdolls that your team plays all year. Let us understand your misery when you play the Devils , Rangers, Flyers nearly as much as the Pens do.  Trust me, I would welcome the Caps back any day of the week, as long as they don’t have to share the Skipjacks with the Pens again, although, that would be an interesting scenario considering the rivalry.

Ovie could easily score 80 goals a season if he played with less reckless abandon, he’s talented but if we are going to fix the game, it HAS to start with the star players.

As I tell the kids that I coach in soccer, suck it up and walk it off. If you’re still breathing, you’re still winning.


Todd “Just Another Pens Fan” Wyant

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