Trade Deadline Talk with Dan Potash

I recently got a chance to chat with FSN's Dan Potash about the Pens recent trade deadline aquisitions. Here is Mr. Potash's take..


PU: How do you think Jordan Leopold, even though being new to the Pens, can help out a young defenseman like Goligoski?

DP: I think he will be a tremendous help. It's important to note they both play a different style of hockey, so each will need time to adapt to that. Recently (March 14th at Tampa....Goligoski was a healthy scratch, and Leopold was paired with McKee.) Don't be surprised if Bylsma continues to change things up from time to time. Sometimes those decisions are based on the opponent, sometimes they are just what feels right.

PU: I'm not sure if you are allowed to comment on this, but with the whole Gonchar contract issue, do you see Leopold signing coming the end of the season?

DP: I'm not sure what the Pens will do. They have several defenseman who will become UFA's after the season, and one who is a RFA (Letang.) They will have some decisions to make.

PU: So far, how do you think Leopold is doing adjusting to the Pens system?

DP: It's only been a few games, so it's hard to tell.

PU: There has been some talk that Ponikarovsky has some "bad" work ethic issues, in your opinion, do you think coming to a new team like the Pens can change a players perspective of certain things like that and which line, in you opinion, would he best fit?

DP: It's too early to tell. I'm not sure if he is comfortable in his new surroundings yet, but that will come with time. I must admit, I did like seeing him on the Pens 1st PP unit when Bill Guerin was out of the line-up with back spasms. I would like to see him on Sid's line at full strength, I think we will in time, though I'm not sure who move off the make room.

PU: Who can you compare Poni and Leopold to (former Pens) in the recent years?

DP: That's a tough question....may have to pass on that (too many trades to compare them to.)

PU: Can you sorta give PU readers, since we aren't allowed in the locker room, a feel of what the guys think of the trade deadline and having newer guys coming in? is there a different feeling before and after the deadline?

DP: It's a business, and players much treat it as such. Things happen, and as much as you hate to see guys leave, you welcome the new ones and try to win with them. I'm sure there were a few players wondering "what if" before we left for New York the afternoon of the trade deadline....after winning a Stanley Cup, why would anyone want to leave a team which has a chance to repeat?

PU: Do you think the trading of Luca Caputi will hurt the Pens in any way in the long run?
DP: I liked Luca a lot, and think he will do well. I believe the Leafs are excited about what he can do in their system...and since the Leafs are struggling, he may reach his potential a lot sooner.

Again, we here at Pens Universe greatly appreciate all of Mr. Potash's time.

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