Game 82, Can Sid hit 50? Pens vs Isles 4/11/10

    With the weird situation of the NHL Network carrying this game as “bonus coverage”, some of us did not get to see a portion of the first period with out a little help. That being said, here’s some crazy shout outs to @CarrollThorpe, @Sportslant, @cindycrysob and of course, Brian Metzer. Thanks guys, for pointing me in the direction to watch some of the first period today. With that out of the way, onward we go.

    This game had no bearing on anything. The Isles and Pens had nothing to play for. The Pens had already sealed their playoff position with a loss to Atlanta on Saturday. The Isles were never even mentioned in the same breath as playoffs at anytime after the month of October.  Sid was coming into this game with 49 goals, trailing Stamkos and Ovechkin, who each had 50 coming into the last day of the season. Sid was also trailing H. Sedin for the Art Ross by 8 points.

1st period-

    Well, I didn’t see it, thanks to NHL Network’s coverage of Phi/NY and treating the Pens as “bonus coverage”, but apparently Malkin scored early on with Gogo and Crosby with the helpers. I did not catch up with the game until the moment Eric Godard, of all people, made it 2-0 Pens, Crosby (again) and Gonchar setting up the play. Both teams were pretty chippy throughout the first (apparently, I missed a Rupp/Rechlicz matchup as well) Then BANG, Crosby bags # 50 and now tied with Stamkos/Ovechkin in the race for the Richard Trophy. I sat up realizing, Sid’s got 3 points. Yes, at this point I think I ceased to care about this game and started thinking if Sid could pull off 8 points in a game. Then reality came crashing down…..Tavares scores a late PP goal to make it 3-1.


2nd Period-

    Less than a minute in Sid bags #51 and in sole possession of the NHL goal scoring lead (point #4, keep it coming) 4-1 Pens. Not long after Matt Moulson does his thing, 4-2 Pens.

    Once again chippy play takes over. The Pens go on some ridiculously long stretch on the PK, and kill it. Joel Rechlicz decides to take up Godard on a dance offer, and then proceeds to hold him close and whisper sweet nothings into Godard’s ear. Meanwhile Eric is pounding away on Joel. I swear that was one long sequence that just seemed to blur and then somehow the Pens end up with a powerplay, BAM Geno rips it home, Crosby (5th point) and GoGo on the helpers, 5-2 Pens

3rd Period-

    At this point, who cares about this game, it’s now all about Sid and how far he can carry this. 5 minutes into the Period, Okposo and Sim manage to score within 30 seconds. That’s right, 5-4 Pens and the Islanders are showing serious pride on the last day of the season.

Half of the Pens fan base is now making their way to bridges everywhere.

Sid is out and skating like crazy in this period, somewhere along the way, the news broke that Stamkos scored an empty netter for his 51st and is now tied with Sid for goals. Sid saw a TON of ice time and it showed. He was getting really sluggish and before we knew it……

BAM! John Tavares scores his 2nd of the game, 5-5 Tie game. Well, so much for caring about the game. The Isles clawed their way back into a meaningless game and tied it with just over 4 minutes left.

Oh boy, OT, here we come!


    Four and a half minutes of up and down action, anxiously waiting on Sid to pop in the GWG when…


Yeah, this guy is lights out in OT.

Sid gets his name on the Richard trophy with Stamkos, Gary Roberts' stare has will this to be. If you have issues, Eric Roberts will deal with you.

 Round 1 starts on Wednesday 4/14/2010 @ Home vs Ottawa!

Commence playoff beards NOW!

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