Thrashed, bring on the Senators...

Sometimes circumstances disallow even the best of fans to be able to watch the game, and in this story I'm play the part of the "best of fans." After watching the Sabres game with my neighbor and witnessing Thomas Vanek come back from a 2 week layoff to score the first 4 Sabres goals, I then turned my attention over to the Pens game on the coveted NHL GameCenter. With anticipation of seeing Mike Rupp get 10 minutes for something and watching our beloved Cookie get knocked out by Evander Holyfield Kane, I was sorely disappointed to find out that GameCenter had cancelled my subscription for non-payment. Not that I did it on purpose, but when you lose your debit card sometimes you forget to notify all of your auto-payment vendors, as was the case here. And for two games left in the season, it didn't seem appropriate.

So, since I didn't catch the game, this is what I was told happened by fellow PensU Elder Will Eller.

Stupid penalty, stupid penalty, stupid penalty, lazy shift from Guerin resulting in Atlanta's goal, Malkin 3 stupid penalties...game.
Others told me I didn't miss anything exciting other than the Cooke knockout. Though after watching it I didn't think it was all that exciting. I was actually following twitter at the time of this and read stuff like, "Cooke was the recipient of karma." Karma, shmarma. That was at the point of bringing the stretcher out on the ice. In the end though, Cooke refused and skated off on his own, Savard did not. Here's the fight.

Since the Pens failed to get the two points we needed and Crosby didn't score, what else needs to be said. We've now sealed the 4th spot and appears we'll be taking on the Senators in the first round. Today's game against Islanders only has one purpose, can Crosby win the Rocket Richard trophy. That's it, that's the only concern. Though Byslma should be careful about who plays today, we don't want any injuries like what the Senators suffered (Kovalev, torn ACL) before this week.

So sit back, relax with a beer this evening, shave for the last time till June, and pray to the hockey gods nothing happens to our boys tonight...and SUP87MAN nets two today.

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