Pens Playoff Gameday 4/30/10 - War vs. Canada

Time to turn the page on the Ottawa series and begin with phase two of the Canadian war we started this playoff run. Heading deep into the heart and soul of Canada we are prepared to hold nothing back on our way to Lord Stanley's Cup once again.

Damian gave you his series preview this morning.

Also our own little pug Todd got on board with viewfrommyseats.com and had this series preview.

My short series preview:

Frustrate Halak, make Gill skate, shut down the Habs PP, and score on our own PP.

Its been a while since I have added a Quote of the day but this is just perfect.
Marc-Andre Fleury will be using a different mask starting tonight.

The other one started to grow mold, so I wore that one just for practice.
On using the bad smell of his other mask to ward off his opponents: It’s a good trick. I keep it for the games, though. I don’t want to waste it on practice.

Good news for the Penguins Chris Kunitz will play tonight, however Tyler Kennedy (Kennedy) will not. Looking at the morning practice line combinations Conner will start for Kennedy. Here are the projected lineups.






By now all of you know that NBC will not let the Penguins air game 2 on Mario's TV (the big screen) Sunday afternoon. They had the same policy for last years playoff as well. You might want to know that Buffalo was allowed to have a big screen for the first round against the Bruins. NBC must hate the Penguins and the #1 ratings draw in Sidney Crosby. So I emailed NBC this early afternoon got the link from the contacts page of NBC.com. This was the response from NBC sports.

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Here are my keys to tonight's game:

1.) Rattle Halak - create traffic all night in front of him.

2.) USS HAL GILL - we all know he can't skate, make him move.

3.) Powe...Penalty Kill - Ottawa scored way to many PP goals, keep the Habs down.

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